The Best Combat Mod Configuration for Alice

Given this S-class era, what kind of combat mods are most effective for Alice’s character?

She’s a medic / support so I would give her hp mods -> that way flat damage like maim, bleed and burn won’t impact her as much. Def, def vs tough since priya exists, stun resist (turn 2 command rush for the attack bonus), ap drain is always a decent mod as well, and another resist mod maybe like bleed resist or impair resist? I’m assuming you’re using her on attack.


Really? Y bother with a 6* when u got Pete?

She’s still useful and even more so when Frost comes out.

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Frost? Who dat be?

Leak of him as an S class shield came out a long time ago. I’m sure he will be dropped right before WOC with some like anti-focus skill lol

Got the leak handy? I missed that one

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Maybe because Pete doesn’t give an attack boost or focus in his AR? She’s still useful on attack even if you can find better use in Pete for defense.

6* rn r targeted she won’t even have the chance to rush lol

She does just fine on attack for me…as do Doc, Michonne and Zach. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Agreed all she needs to do is make it till turn 2 to rush and give a huge boost. All about how you use toons (: