THE BEST 4* of all time!

Who is the best or most useful 4* that u can still use him/her in many ways. Actually if you look closer some of them have a very good AR and theirs stats is nearly the same as 5* :joy: :star_struck:

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I don’t even need to think for a Second. But I don’t Just picked him, because he’s Allen. Still use him in my Raid Team with Impair for 2 turns, up 2 enemies :wink:


I Think that Maggie “All Out war”,Dexter and Fast Mark are the best raiding 4* but Alert Rick is the best farming/wm 4*. Darnell and Conrad are fun to look at

Zachary by far the best 4*


Honestly if they realeses him a little earlier aNton is pretty damm gods nice lead skill nice stats and 4* version of Jose’s rush

If we are talking like overall, who I’ve used in the most ways. Then Zachary 100% I got into the top 50 with him. However, I don’t use him anymore.

If we are going with who I still use to this day and I still think is useful, Kelly! She is an awesome crit lead!


Molly. 24 crit for melee. Still very useful on sr


Le neuter Rick or pretige gov for me imo

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Dis muhphukka right here :sunglasses:


Darcy. Only 4★ I still used on a regular basis well into the 6★ era.

Best of all time was Molly though. That bitch was game changing for so many people


Molly & Mark were top back in the day.
Tho my personal favorite was…

Those pesky Morgan commands and Lee Shields behind Andrea had this yellow to take them down.


Yellow Jesus hands down, aoe and a drop lead can’t go wrong with that

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This guy is really nice too

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Always loved these guys:

Dwight particularly I used regular up until recently


Since you all Post multiple here. There are some belong to be here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Red Mark neutralize. I still keep him in my roster for collection purposes.

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I’m definitely trying to get Tony. He’s on of the only green “recover from stun” toons in the game and he’s very usefull in those all green SR stages with stunning zombies.

Another toon I use quite regular on SR is Denise - All Out War for her guardian in zombie stages, and I pare her up with Luke-A New Beginning for a bit of extra crit:

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Still use 4* Kelly for leader on alert only walker levels of SR. Beth and Molly were great in their day.

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Where’s the love for Eleanor? That three turn heal and recover from penalties is nice for SR and stuff still.


Most useful 4*?


But seriously, used this guy forever, still do on occasion: