The baddest event?

  • Level up
  • Raid tournament
  • Survival Road
  • Nightmare Road
  • Walking Hordes
  • War

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I love war, but at the same time it is always broken, taking the fun out of it.

Where are onslaught and arenas?

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Now its War…
I really liked war but now…Its unplayable and i dont have fun anymore.


Level up is the worst should be continuous, higher milestones (Not changing the current ones just adding more) and seems to be considered an actual event… 2 days of level up without another event is garbage

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Waa going to say arenas but not on list

I have a love/hate relationship with war lol

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Put War only because of the 16v16 now, LU sucks but you have to have it and I like the milestones🤷🏼‍♂️


Arenas by far. Edit ur post lol.

Onslaught rip
Arenas have not yet been shown fully

Onslaught was awesome… a decent background event… same as arena should be except the put up 25k league trophies for top prize for a daily occurrence. So reduce trophies except for champ round and put a basic 1 veteran ring for m9st participating ranks

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All right, everyone who think that arenas is the worst event just press :heart: here


Raiding has become somewhat of a joke. The A.I. on the bots make teams that should be easily beaten into super teams. Add to that misleading rankings, so a team that is lower than me in rank has multiple premiers, (when I have none). I usually max out the raid rank but only due to people dropping their defense.

Any event that has to be circumvented by the players, due to piss poor design, gets my vote for “baddest.”

Actually, wish I could vote for two. I also have come to loath war. Matchmaking continually feeds low factions to higher ones. Number of factions in CRW almost guarantees most factions are out of any decent prizes. Is basically a waste of a weekend.


Finding loopholes IS the event


May be the minority here, but I kind of like Arenas. I only use the free tickets, but at least it engages my thought process. Of course, that is only when it worked. Which it is not doing now.

Draft the best thing in the game in recent times, imo

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But mainly to hear the delicious complaints from top players

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Any event or mode that narrows the gap gets my +1.

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Honestly its war now for me. I used to be able to hit 50k no problem within the first 14 hrs. As a f2p, I’m lucky to get four failed hits in before I’m burning. The gap is too far between f2p and p2p. With s class toons now in the mix, I dont stand a chance. 16 regions is way too much and I’m lucky to get a pull from a crappy wheel every 2 wars if I’m lucky. There’s just no balance and honestly its lost all its appeal for me.

Lol, I use to love war but so many bugs that keep reappearing.