The ascendance tower has been glitched forever... :/

An extremely annoying glitch that happens is every hour the ascendance tower resets all of the characters to where it looks like they haven’t been viewed before, it’s extremely annoying to see the gold icon pop above the ascendance tower just for it to be a “refresh”

Would be nice if this got fixed…


Mine has been like that since long long ago, it bothered me initially but right now I can’t care less about it

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they need to redo the tower anyways.

the list of toons in there is getting massive.

They need to organize it more similarly to the players roster with tab search settings.

The bug is being repeated when exiting the game, going to road/world map, territories then back to the town. The new flag status isn’t being saved to the server as red.

Since it isn’t saved the flags just pop up again. o_0

Same here

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