The artwork for this game kinda went down

The only recent six star we had that had an interesting design was Wangfa.


I just started five months ago and realized that the beginning six stars had much cooler designs and actually looked like pros in the apoc.

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Because they are too busy siphoning all the money so they can stash it away so when the new law passes that they can’t gamble with your money anymore then they’re gonna have some sort of fall back

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What law in what country?

Yeah Scopely in general puts less effort into art now.

Remember when 6 star promos and their 5 star both had special art? That’s gone now.

Wait they had?

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They did, toons like Lucas, Winter Garrett, Wyatt, etc.

Whole outfits/artwork changed between you having the 5☆ version & the 6☆ one’s. Now they look like copy & paste toons between all newer 5☆/6☆/S-Class.

I think it was on a downhill slide since six star Lee “Popping to the shops for a pint of milk”

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I was just going to say Lee was the one where everyone was on here scratching their heads wondering what happened to their design team.


I was surprised when I unlocked the ascendance tower that Lee’s design was so lacking

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The Pro players won’t spend on bums. They need to look like they have money so the players dont feel ripped off. Think I’m kidding?

If Wilkins gets a 6*, he be wearing a tux.
Remember how they destroyed tough 5* Andrea?

Lol this fucken company…

s class pete more interesting design than the other s class toons at least he has patches on his face because the others looks the same between 5 star and s class. shame on you scopely, y’all so lazy.

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