The Answer To 'How Long Will It Take To Level Up Andrea'

To Level to tier 2 it takes 4 comics, it’s 12 for tier 3, but his is just the 5* version.

Looks like we’ll get 6 comics either weekly or monthly but I suspect the later.

So, significantly over 12 months.


That’s not an answer! That’s a complete guess with no factual information


The factual information is it takes 18 comics to get a 5* to tier three.

The Answer is, fucking years.


And 14 comics to T4 her.

So far is 4-12-14 to max out the 5* version. 30 comics total = 5 weeks (2x 25$).
Let’s see how much it’s going to cost the 6*.
I heard some guys from Beta have enough comics to check it out. so just a matter of waiting for them or the Scopely Russian branch

What makes you think we’ll get 30 comics in 5 weeks?

Have you seen it stated anywhere we’ll get the comic roadmap weekly?

Yes the timer on the roadmap indicates it will reset in 7 days.

Yes, that’s when the subscription renews.

It will renew again after a further month.

Anyone wanna place bets on whether you get the roadmap weekly or each time the subscription renews.

Lol, ok fella.

Right, it could be a 1 month RM.

In that case I don’t see many people renewing for the 2nd month

It says on it. “Weekly roadmap rewarding Comics…”


It also said ‘free human shield’ and we know how that worked out … (Yes technically free but useless without paying

Could me mars weeks for all we know


That is true.

Doesn’t mean we’ll get three RNG bags each week though, we’ll see.

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30 comics to max 5* version and probably like 40-60 for 6* so it will take you 3-4 months

Which, at £25 a month is a pretty reasonable cost compared to the characters they generally sell.

Not that i’d do it, just saying it isn’t crazy. Although I suspect it’ll be closer to six months

Two years, so get ready to spend a lot of monthly charges for her.

It’s crazy they said she was gonna be free but now cost 200$ to buy

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I suspect it may be longer that 6 months, people seem to think they’ll get 6/7 comics every week, I’m not so sure.

Cancelled my subscription though, if it turns out to be better than I think it will be I can always re-subscribe, if I’m still playing.

When did they say that?

Although, technically, she was free.

FREE SHIELD IN NEXT 10 MONTHS! New definition of free.
Such a great offer.
Dont write free if you need special gear that you get 6 per weak