The Andrea Postmortem



So, after the 6* Andrea was (finally) released after much waiting, the reactions to her Legendary form were incredibly lukewarm. The reactions ranged from the disappointed to the not-entirely-unsatisfied, and the community was split between those who considered using her and those outright refusing to use her. What I think the situation could use is some constructive feedback and suggestions for (possible) changes to her. I believe the general consensus to be that she is _under_powered rather than overpowered, so I’ll attempt to dissect her abilities and present some suggestions for changes.

  1. Stats
    Andrea’s stats aren’t really the issue, but neither are they anything to write home about. She is an ordinary damage dealer: high ATK, low-ish DEF, low-ish HP. The part where I would like to give Scopely some credit in is giving her a somewhat decent DEF value and not going the way of Barker. Again, the stats aren’t remarkable, but they function perfectly well for an attacking character. A way to make them more interesting (not necessarily better, but interesting) would be to nerf her HP in return for higher base DEF, creating a reverse Barker of sorts.

  2. Leader skill
    The leader skill is where, in my opinion, Andrea shines the brightest. She is the first ranged ”+40% ATK, Huge AP when Attacking” leader and the first one overall for fully or mostly-F2P players. This is the part of her that should not be changed. To give credit where credit is due, the way Scopely designed her makes her a worthwhile investment even in her current form, but if there’s any part of her that needs changing, it’s…

  3. The Adrenaline Rush
    This. I have no words for what must have been going through the design team’s heads when they essentially made this part of her objectively worse than the Epic version’s. 800% Damage to a single target can be… okay. Not fantastic, especially when considering that Tyreese has been a mainstay of ranged teams since he was released, but it’s workable. +20% AP, too, is a somewhat-decent addition to any AR, but not when applied as one of the two only effects. When we put these two together we get a mediocre AR, and when we consider the AP cost of it (85) we get something utterly disappointing.
    Where this package falls apart is when you consider the Epic Andrea’s AP cost, 45. She goes from one of the fastest ARs in the game to one of the slowest. One way to mitigate this would be to change the AP cost to 66, joining her up with the other fast rushers and allowing her to snipe targets on the first rounds of combat. Is this lightning-fast strike not the spirit of the eagle (or hawk, rather, considering her new rush’s name)?
    Another way to make her AR workable is to boost the +AP effect on it to, say, +50%. This would turn her from an eternal slow hitter to a beast of a sniper that takes some time to fully rev up. You would still have to wait a Tyreese’s worth of rounds to get only half the kills at the start, but she would be a very interesting character on subsequent rounds, provided she is behind someone to protect her. I feel as though this is what the designers intended for her AR to do but simply nerfed it before launch.
    Or, as a third option, you could add a tertiary effect to her AR to make it worth the 85 AP wait. It’s hard to say what would mesh here, but a simple +ATK% or +DEF% to n number of teammates could work. Or, perhaps something else. The possibilities are endless.

So, in short, Andrea needs to be buffed. It is arguable whether she is even worth using right now, so the best thing that can be done to her is for her to be given a better AR. Whether it be through lowering her AP cost, by buffing the secondary effect already on her or adding a completely new tertiary effect. There is no doubt in my mind that something must be done, but it is unfortunately not my decision to make what is done (or whether anything is done at all.)

I thank you for reading ’till the end, let’s hope something is done.


I hope they don’t nerf her further


Your expectations are WAY too high. You can’t make an f2p toon have arguably the best leader skill in the game and give her the second fastest ar speed at 66. The reason why it’s 85 is so she can’t get commanded by huge ap weapon and her lead skill. I think she’s properly designed.


Kinda agree with this, shes free, in the depot atleast and alot of people have her, she was never going to be the best

In the end i ascended her and once levelled she’ll work well in my team

Cannot see her being buffed for a minute


If aiko does 725% at 76 ap and she has waste not, then Andrea at the very minimum should have 76 ap as well


Dod you get aiko for free? Because I didn’t… also give me andreas lead skill over aiko any day. Andrea is a much better toon than aiko.


U can command her early if shes wearin one of these hehe


Everyone keeps focusing on her 85 ar which is pointless as with her lead skill and a huge ap weapon on her own she is always ready to go t3. I can even command her t2 if she’s hit a couple of times on the first round. She allows every other ranged toon to pop t3 on their own and that includes Ty. I am always able to command Dwight t2 because of her lead skill.

The only complaint I have about her is she’s now been made useless by the new meta Lydia, shield Jesus, and revive Ty. Here come the yellows making Andrea and her blues useless.


Whos the first? Did I miss someone? I thought andrea is the first one


her ar is exactly the same as the epics.
what on earth do you mean it’s worse than the epics?


Give one of it to Tyresee and you wipe some on 2nd turn


Oh, crap, that’s a mistake by me. I thought the blue Carl released some time back was also for ranged, but it was only for blues and yellows. I’ll fix the main post!


The selling point on her Epic version’s AR was its quick 45 AP cost, able to be commanded on the first turn if you played your cards right. The Legendary version ditches that whole idea, sets it to 85 AP, and makes her one of the joint slowest rushers in the game.


Right. Honestly, I don’t see the problem with it being 45.
After this Lydia that just came out, it’s not like Andrea is overpowered.


I really agree with you. But this isnt the old 5* era with pvp kills in 1 or 1,5 rounds. The 6* era has a more time hungry and more callenging part, with pvp raids from 3-9 rounds or more. So there is no need of legendarys with a “headshot in round 1” - meta.

btw. plz dont argue with marlon, I know he is a beast and possible to rush on first.


I don’t see the problem with it being 45.

…I feel like you’re mixing up the Epic and the Legendary here. The Epic version was the 5*, the Legendary is the 6*. I was never trying to argue that the original Andrea had something wrong with it due to having a really low AP cost.


I was saying I see no problem with the legendary being 45.


Have you used her? If she gets hit I have been able to command her t2 and if not she’s ready to go t3 on her own just like 99% of all the other toons.

This is as good as it gets for f2p. If you want what those op game breaking toons then you have to be prepared to pony up the dough.


Ah, my mistake. Well, it would be a new record-breakingly low AP cost for a 6*, considering the lowest they currently go is 66, but I’ll take anything that’s not 85. For that cost she’s essentially just a worse Tyreese.


With Lydia around, andrea def will not be op.