The amount of school bags and walkies

The amount of school bags and walkies needs to be raised in the league store because there is no way people are going to have enough when you need them for rings and shit tons for s class


The michonne maps have been giving a nice amount of them

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Have you seen the amount needed to lvl s class then even more when u add rings trust me your going to need that and more not to mention how many we need just for the regular lvl ups every few days

One school bag isn’t a nice amount lol

Yeah already leveled an s class and promoted him to 30. 1 isn’t much but since the map appears every 2 hrs for 2 weeks you can get a decent amount

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Yep skip b if you’re trying to conserve cans.
A has a schoolbag, and c has a walkie talkie. Running those a few times a day gets you way more than sinking 20+ cans in URG map would

That’s why some players (me included) started stacking up on them. I’m buying them as soon as they appear in League Store and doing A and C maps in Michonne roadmaps. I’m hitting a pretty nice number, to be honest. :slight_smile:

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Or you can farm the gear map that shows up every Tuesday🤷🏻‍♀️You should be more concerned about the 60 knife sheath/tripods/practice dummies you’ll need to tier 4 S class


nah we need more 6* gear like canteens and gps’s. no point having them as 3m milestone for level up if i cant hit that due to canteen/gps shortage.

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Everything needs to be quadrupled and the price dropped, didn’t know the word for 5x, if you can’t level up your new characters @GR.Scopely what’s the point in playing🤗

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Since the days of Jackets and Beanies this has been a thing.

i concur, all gears need increased. used countless coins just to refresh in order to level up s classes

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The roadmaps are TEMPORARY. Sure they’re helping now, but how about when theyre gone? Will 2 of each gear be enough then? Or do you trust scopely to keep giving more?

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Back then you at least had the rest of the gear that you could still Participate in the level up now you can’t even participate in a level up because you need so much gear

No actually people needed walkies back then.Talking about wayyyy back
Many top teams had 5 stars but not the gear.
They really should let us get gear for our characters with grinding a bit on some new map.

6* increased the need for all gear pretty drastically, but the best we got was nerfed gear maps once a week. Remember when we could farm the specific gear we needed? Judging by history, I doubt we will gear maps for epic or legendary gear anytime soon. Now that we need more than ever, I expect they won’t address it for at least a year. Why would they? As long as people who buy s-class also keep buying the insane amounts of gear to upgrade them, they’ll keep the stranglehold as tight as they can.

In the beginning, as I recall we didn’t get our first ultra rare gear map until almost a year after the game released. It’s been 2 years since 6*, but since s-class use the same gear, i expect it’ll be a while before we can farm for it.

And can you imagine the energy cost theyll put on it if they ever do give us one? More insanity i expect. 1 refill for 2 very small chances at a drop probably.

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