The ambition of scopely to damaged the game

Hi, I’m so tired of the difficulties that you put us with the game, first there are many app errors with the servers, then difficulty in finishing the example maps of the red and blue flags, difficulties in obtaining premier characters for f2p players. Now we can talk about that ambition of scopely has damaged the game. Now if I’m going to leave the game forever, it already stresses me so much and I don’t have fun anymore.
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If it stresses you this much and takes over your real life then I have the right place for you.

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That’s the biggest problem now FUN, it’s totally been removed from the game except for the highest level players☹️


Even for the high end players it’s super stale right now. ToC has been an epic failure, events are a chore with pathetic rewards with the anniversary event being hilariously bad. Only source of anything new and exciting comes straight from the promo wheel.

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