The AI is so dumb

In this AOW, I observed that the AI is actually dumb, for my toons.

  1. Regina always, is always, hits the 2nd target with shield. I tried for the same battle, eg. in 1st rush, Regina’s 2nd target is a guardian shield toon A, then I deliberately in the second time,made toon A unshield, but her 2nd AR was hitting the others guardian toon.
  2. Regina is really a dumb toon. In other battle, 3 toons un-guardians, but she also selected the guardian shield toon for 2nd target.
  3. OK. I have enough. In another battle, I want to decap a toon, using Regina. Regina hit was the 4th hit Thanks for the cheating AI, the target then dropped from 5X hp to 11 hp. OK. In next turn, I made Regina hit the last one. I checked that the remaining hp was 2XX. And this time,the AI helped me, the 4th hit killed it.

It is not the first time I observed this and this is very common that the AI made my toons dumb. Regina is a typical example that she always selects the shielded toon as 2nd target and if there is no guardian shielded toon, she will select the highest hp one.

Moreover, the new AI is cheating very obviously. I had tried to decap a toon 4 times in a single battle, but either the toon killed just earlier when I wanted to decap it or it just left the toon with only a few hp.


The ai is fine. Its a nice middleground, keeps me alert in battle but doesn’t dogpile my glass cannons. I lost a few but just a way to improve on my part.

Edit: i will never understand how people use regina on atk but different strokes for different folks🤷‍♂️.

Maybe the problem is Regina and not the AI

What slot did you have Regina in? If she is in slot 5 then she will hit 4th - that is correct! If you’re finding that the AI isn’t working for you on attack…then stop auto-playing. I have Regina on my attack team and she is awesome - works perfectly!

Does the AI work on attack? I thought it was just defense? Cause when I used to auto they would attack all random never go vs one single target.

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It does but not for the very first turn, it looks like, this was stated on 20.0.3 patch notes fixes.

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