The 6* Tier List From Heaven! (Color TV)


Made this for some people who we’re asking for it.
This google sheet is free to comment on.
If you don’t agree with a ranking PLEASE comment and I’ll read it as I don’t own every 6 star in the game so I might not be the wisest. Thank you for reading!

Working on the leader section in the meantime.
Thank you to TivaProjects for having every 6 star in his database which made it 100x easier for me.

Edit: Now Color Coded for viewing pleasure :slight_smile:
Edit: Added a leader section. Offense and Defense coming soon.

Time for a Tier List?

Update: Louis added to S Tier.


Where’s Wyatt


He’s their scroll down a bit or press Ctrl-F and type in his name


Update: Michonne added to S Tier.


So many 6*, I already forgot that they ever existed lol
Guess they are deep in few rosters waiting for ascending medals


Yeah a lot I felt shouldn’t even be included in the list from how old they are.
Eze ages well though


Update: Viktor moved to C tier.

They screwed up making him an Impair type dealer. Mabey replace all those impairs with a stun and he would be decent.


I disagree with koa being S tier. In the past perhaps, but now he has been outclassed by shield jesus. Just because he’s a shield doesnt mean he should be S. Place him in B.

Red andrea and Aris should be A tier. Hold the line allows them to be a key part of time out teams.

Violet should be S. Natural tankyness from evasion, 2 turns of healing + bonus hp and active revive.

Yellow sandy should be B tier.

Laura should be A. Active stun, and impair + def down for 2 turns, does so much against time out teams.

Red sandy should be an S. Decap + the potential for 4 attacks. Need i say more?

Rom should be S. Can be played in any team, even as a splash. His rush will 90% of the time kill 2 people. Taunt blade and taunt 3 active.

Garrett should be A. 40% hp and def to blue and yellow. Taunt 3 rush and pain split + active taunt allows him to be viable on both offense and defense.


I disagree with your first statement. Koa’s a beast and a 6 star shield imo should definitely be put in S but that’s my opinion.


I’ll think about all your suggestions but Koas an S for many reasons.

At this point S should stand for Sheild


Rhaast has some good comments.

I’ll add this (just my opinions, I don’t own most of these characters):

Red Jesus - Road To Survival #3 has nice damage, but maybe S tier is too much for him.
Koa is worse than the other shields, but can be A.
Wyatt is plain bad, almost C I’d say.
Andrea can become a solid A with the proper team around her.
McKenzie is great in a defensive team with Erika, maybe A.
Bruce is worse than Michonne for being green, but he’s a solid A when attacking. Worse on defense obviously.
No way in hell Dwight - A New Threat is C. Double shot gun and Andrea lead, he will be a beast.
Spencer and Mirabelle are more or less the same. Well, Spencer is blue.



Dude ur like s2, impair Jesus is like a B


Thanks for making this list.

Koa is essentially a punching bag for anyone with a disarm. He adds very little value with his AR. I think he is A tier at best.


This will be interesting :grinning:


Honestly why? He’s only really usable on attacking. Unless he’s fully defensively modded out with a stun gun he’s kinda worthless on defense. Also reds (other than Erika ofc) on defense are really a joke because of all the super powerful blues like tyreese.


Davie should be added, maybe with an A. An attacking team full of lacerators can be funny… not that sure on defense, though.


Garrett I feel that it is better than Erika as leader in my opinion, we have 3 shields and two of them are the best that can be with him, although Erika has good adrenaline attack, Garrett does not put much value which we should.


This is neat. Would be cool if they also had trait listed so it’s easier to tell which character is which.

All human shields and revives should be S tier. That really is the most dominant meta right now imo.

Revive active skill characters are way underrated on this. Mackenzie is definitely higher than B tier in particular. Their revive can’t be impaired and it only goes off on def when someone is dead (regular revive rushes go off as soon as the AP bar is full). Plus both Mackenzie and Violet have really strong heal on their rush too.


Yes, Mackenzie is totally meta and way better than Hunter, IMO. Pretty mix with Erika.