The 6* ezekial is a


Promo…( Insert fail music here)


Merry Christmas!


So that’s where all those dirty Santa hats we were collecting went … they were putting them on Zeke’s :stuck_out_tongue:


If he was execution 2… instakill at 50% health that be useful

Now hes useless


BUT HE HAS A SANTA HAT! I MUST PULL! Nah, its silly its like when they are making these Rushes / Actives / Leader skills they don’t compare them / offer some sort of balance or middle wrong, it’s either super powerful or super lackluster :confused:


the 6 is trash lol.


Lol he’s ass


I know that Shane was trying to help us… But she could only post “Free 6*” on the forums. I mean, we all got excited for the New 5 Winter characters and later… All Premium "/


I am honestly DONE with this event.


I had hope for the final days before christmass’ “free gifts”, and that Ezekiel, who is the least powerful on the Xmas Character list, would be at the last days as such reward.

But even him was shoved into a promo wheel. He would be awesome in a Mira Lead Team, but only for those who open their pockets now, apperently.

This was supposed to be the season of giving and aiding, Scopely. You’ve ruined it on your part. Nobody is happy except you for those who were foolish enough to ever toss you cash.


Well said Lucas


This is going off topic for the zeke (which is trash btw), but this Christmas event has been nothing but despair. no pay out for your time and especially on day 8 the museum was 250 weapon tokens and that toy that will give everyone just one single pull at possibly 1 t3 gear that we all probably do not need. I like how I saved those nuggets for the gps and canteen pull, just so I can have the hopes of take one just one 6* to t4.

Unfortunately I was blessed with 4 gps and 0 canteen. RNG much scopely or is it just weighted RNG trolling cause if its 50% chance to get one. then I should atleast get 1 of one items and 3 of the other if not 2 of each.

What a load of trash we are given on every event. If people like playing for scraps then go ahead. I for one will not stand for this B.S. and people that play this game shouldn’t either.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays everyone!!!


Lol that’s why I chose Wyatt over gear.


I pulled 6* wyatt from 2x chances off of a 10 pull so I’m glad with y decision just disappointed by it being 4 of the same damn piece of gear. RNG my foot when it comes to bags or anything. its weighted towards one thing.

Prove me wrong scopley prove me worng.


How can his active skill (which only does focus) have “+1 turn of focus” on two different lvl ups of active skill when the max number of turns it advertises is 2? Do you start out by not being able to use active skill until you get it up to level 4?!


Enjoy your time away! :slight_smile:


First one is rng based, sometimes you get to use it, sometimes you don’t, 2.5% chance.


I will, my dear friend. Thank you very much.


Roughly 1000 times more than the odds you get a promo toon. Seems a little high…


Text bug, that level should be +1 Teammate. Fix is in the process of going through.


Yeah its just a bunch of “bad luck” for majority of the players. Lol we’re just a bunch of unlucky fuckers! :joy: lmao get real.