The 4 stage Survival Road is Terrible

I admit survival road was a grind for how often you had to do it. But now it is just straight boring. In fact I loved SR because it gave a massive amount of experience, food, survivors, and materials. The last stage is pennies compared to what it was!!

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Do you mean terribly fun?

Seriously though, this is clearly a cock up, don’t worry about it becoming a regular thing


Why does everyone keep thinking it’s some kind of a mess up? Sure it could be but Isn’t it more logical to think they shortened it on purpose so people could hit their milestones quick and get the batteries.

This is why they normally don’t do nice things for us. It’s never appreciated.


No, because it is almost 2 days long and I would expect rewards to be reduced to reflect lower the magnitude of effort

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I think it was intentionally shortened due to the xp being significantly lower.
Pretty sure it was a lot lot more xp for completing Legendary level 4 last SR.

The “Blitz SR” is not intentional, and has no vocation to become the norm indeed.

Now that it’s live in the game though, it will not be addressed this time around. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Appreciate the honesty here but seriously you should have played it off like the company was helping out the players by letting them claim the last batteries quickly.

Seems like the better choice over, “Whoops! Looks like we done goofed again.” :smirk:


Totally disagree, when they make up the bs lies about it is where most get angry.


So much hate against this blitz SR. No boring scenes, no alarm every 2 hours, rewards quickly earned. What a shame !


Thing is nobody would be able to tell it as a lie, just a company helping the players who need batteries.

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Your no fun Jim. It’s a joke and even so how would it have made a difference to fib a little here.

They could have come off looking like they give a crap instead of incompetent. I know which one I would have chosen.


Talk is cheap…
getting greedy with balance/fun vs profit angers me exponentially more.

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The only problem is who would ever be dumb enough to believe they give a crap? Pretending to now will only hurt them more the next time they show they’re oblivious to player desires. Which you know will happen in 3…2…1…

So how can we get mad at @JB.Scopely for this? Because he is in charge of everything in the game I guess.

No one should ever get mad at @JB.Scopely. Remember this:


People berate @JB.Scopely, but forget that he is the most active CM by far.

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also, it’s not the CMs making the decisions. …

Happy VDay everyone!


Seriously, it was one of the best ‘not intentional’ thing ever done. Kudos to the team and if they ever want to set the new SR standard to less than 25 stages by level, it would be a much appreciated idea.


4 stages instead of 25 is better in my opinion. Maybe they can increase it to 8 or 16 if they still want to sell cans for it.


I appreciate @JB.Scopely admitting it was a mistake. When they messed up and gave the first five star reward for a fac level up (yellow blade Rick), they insisted on saying it was intentional when it was clearly a mistake. Transparency helps with credibility so thank you for not blatantly lying to us