The 250 cakes Pryia redemption

Does she have to be fully maxed S-class for this 250 cakes redemption? Does she need max vet rings too?

No she need to be T4 lvl 90

I don’t think so…cause I have 1 at t4 -90 right now.

Working on a 2nd one now as well…

Collection 28 needs S-Class

There is another collection that needs the 6 star - Red Velvet Cake 26.

Does it say that somewhere?


No, her max level without rings is enough

Yes, sort of.

Click the little “i” and it shows you her S-Class profile

The 250 cake collection needs a s class Priya, regular amount collection requires a plain basic pumpkin spice cappuccino latte 6s Priya

Yes then👍

And no, any of them require t4 level 90

Thanks for info👍…thank God it’s just S-class and not max vet rings!

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