That's why we need farmable gear road map


I know, new gear map farmable but problem not for special one.


And it’s only going to get worse. They decided to put a stranglehold on gear. It’s still early but wait until everyone gets really low and gets screwed over by rng after wasting dozens of cans for those stupid night vision goggles.

Why are 80% of the toons hunters?

Off topic but does anyone else hate how the gear is all over the place in the inventory screen? Who designed this? Put similar gear next to each other. Design 101.


Used 10 cans got one nvg :heart_eyes:

Also dislike the inventory design :smirk:


When I hit 25 NVGs I stopped leveling hunters. I am back to 34. Got a few from the RNG crates.

It’s all about supply management at this point.


It frustrates me so much that they cant group geae together. Its scattered and has no logic. Its not a complicated idea to think they can put all gear of 1 classification together.


I no longer level hunters unless I absolutely have to, it feels like every toon is an hunter tho. Like where are the normal citizen scopely?


I can sort of see what Scopely is trying to do with the new gear map. Instead of having 5 of each Ultra Rate gear over the weekdays, they’re allowing us to find URG crates just by finishing the level, meaning we have a chance to find the gear we need. But the thing is, we’re use to it being guaranteed and not dictated by RNG. It would be better to have the UG map run its usual course of 5 times a week and on the weekend, have the new URG show up for randomized chances at ultra rare gear. The crates are good because they are easily farmable. But having this map run once a week is killing us.


im in the same boat but i need maps for leaders i got 10 leaders at a stand still


The only way they are gonna listen is if none of us buy a single gear deal when they start shoving them in our face. Even if we’re desperate.

Look its one thing to make money on premiere recruits and cans because they are not necessary to play the game but it’s another to sell us the stupid crap you made a requirement for leveling up useless 5-stars.


FARMABLE maps are boring af! with the new rotation there is more to do everyday and a change of scenary is nice every once and a while


Same thing here… only with leaders… big struggle with topographic maps and belts with holsters. Although the gear depot can be a lifesaver and a few elite token pulls here and there, it’s still a pain in the ass.


I prefer boring if that means having enough gear.


I miss the ultra rare gear run so much, sitting on 80 cans waiting, but it’s been early January since we had one. I think we can officially sadly say it’s dead. :frowning:


Keep surviving!


You really have to use the gear depot. I’m low in holster and I’m buying them everytime I get a chance. It helps à little.
Gear markers doesn’t seem to be a problem, I manage to stay around 100k even though I’m not even trying.


There should just be a trade system for these items. Trade 2 of same kind to get 1 other. Because yes, some of us happen to get mainly chars that need the goggles.


it was the last bastion of no RNG we had to deal with in this game and they ripped it away …

this is one of the reasons ive slowed my gaming down on it now, i just cant find the excuses anymore to be constantly repeating the same stuff over and over again


Yeah sure is “boring” to get the actual item you need to play the game as opposed to opening 20 boxes and praying you get the ones you need. Now thats “fun”! :crazy_face:

Yeah sure was exciting this weekend with all the new stuff to do…oh wait it was barren as usual with only the trainer and crappy item maps.


It’s just flat out dumb the way it is right now. It should be like this for example:

  • Canteen, GPS, Double Holster, Hockey Mask, Magazine Bandoleer, Whetstone
  • HC Radio, Watch, Knife Sheath, Practice Dummy, Sports Gauntlet, Weapon Tripod

And so on. Move the useless stuff like Michonne, Negan, and the Governors stuff all the way to the end.


Struggling with hunters. I can never seem to have gear to level them up. I’m stacked in other personas’ gear.
Need NVG and alpenstocks to save my life… lol