That's not Andrea (warning your eyes may burn)


I warned you now you suffer this terrible mugshot


lol!!! she looks pissed!


She looks pretty badass with the scars, but her smug face doesn’t really fit the character she is. Much less Glenn’s and Garrett’s. The last two used to smile a lot on their ealier mugshots, but now they are just plain serious.

Character images have changed so much over the years…


Have you read the comics?


Its true to the comics, she was scarred during their time at the prision i believe.


I like her recoilless machine gun that doesn’t eject shell casings.


Like a giant cigarette lighter…


I know she was scarred ever since the Prison episodes, but this one shows them better. Like she’s proud of covering wars.


That’s Blandrea.

Remember, fuck Blandrea. :wink:


Recycled puns


I like this aspect. The ZA has worn them down. Like how their outfits become more beaten up over time (through character tiers).

Having said that, there is no excuse for Garrett in a turtleneck. Or anyone else, for that matter. Except maybe Winter Olympic athletes. IMO


Bruce Wayne wears a turtle neck :man_shrugging:


Yeah the prisoner who cut the heads off those twin girls tried to do the same to Andrea :disappointed_relieved:


That’s 65% more bullet, per bullet


Always thought that was silly. The ballistic trajectory would be completely off without the presence of heat and rifling to expand the projectile and make it spin.

Might as well pay a hobo to throw the bullets, for how accurate it would be.


The shells do eject but only 1:7 shots fired.


Nice toon for sure. However, would have been a perfect opportunity to ascend the 5* red Andrea we already have, instead of using this new one. Same thoughts with the yellow Morgan that is coming.


Exactly. It’s not like many people even have the old Andrea anyway. Putting her and her ascendable up as a promo would still turn a decent profit. Lots of people have Morgan though, so I understand why making him ascendable might not be cost effective for scopely.


I disagree! The angle is badass and it looks like she’s about to snipe ya! Lmao i love her in the comics!


No. Here’s a better idea: make it the indomitable one that’s really rare. That way she maintains the tank identity, while srill satisfying people. Lets be real, you either had to spend money on a tournament or get lucky on prestige recruits. Would be better.


Does the new Andrea have a delete/ban active skill?