That’s it, I’m doing it

Give me one good reason and maybe, just MAYBE I won’t sell this OP character to the depot.


Yellow weapons defender 3 is absolute defense or reflect damage, try for absolute but also if it gives reflect then you can put that on a 1* or 2* and have those in territories and watch as people slowly lose their main attack teams of 6* to 1* and 2* teams :blush:


She might become ascendable one day


Wow, I didn’t think anyone else knew that trick. You deserve the like.

I have yellow 1* teams with all reflect just for territories, ive had complaints on gc before so much fun :blush:

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Scopely will make a promo based on a character in Dragon Maid and she’ll pair up well with Jody

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thinking about geting rid of mine also.bought her from an exclusive just for me deal. though she was going to be good but might be false advertising. it only cost me my left nut.

Yes please