That new calender layout tho

Tbh, it is an absolute mess. The arenas is ok i guess but the league stretch isnt needed and it looks horrible, just my opinion on something not important really but wanted to share it anyways. @GR.Scopely

He said she’s ago he can change it. No idea why he hasn’t.

It’s painful to look at.

But even that’s wrong, there weren’t 2 Old Schools in a row and old school was Endurance, as is Trait Mania, but on the calendar they are listed as domination.

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Well I am happy to see Arena’s on there, it helps in the decision of what to level up next, do I save Tickets for next week or use them now, but they do need to be correct - I am going to guess that one of the Old Schools will be draft, but I also agree with the OP that the league Stretch does not need to be there.

@How2Zombies @Bossbitch I am happy to change the calendar if you guys feel this does help in readability.

Let me know what I should change and what you would like to see in there.

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Walker Hordes and Onslaught next week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1: Of course war too

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Make that two onslaughts a blitz war a cross region war walker hordes and a raid or something as long as it isn’t level up again

Season should be removed, it’s unnecessary. Text could be a bit bigger too please :slight_smile:

Arenas makes it look very cluttered. As soon as the week refreshes we see all of them so its pointless.

Event could quite easily be “event start” and then “event end” similar to last years calendars (scroll back to say nov 2018) rather than a whole block of excess text.

@GR.Scopely thanks!


Agreed. @GR.Scopely it only the leagues season that should be removed and the other text needs to be made bigger. I do like the arenas on there.

I still think the problem here is that there is too much business as usual stuff. Leagues, arenas etc. We know about this. It doesn’t change from year to year.

Also, if your team planning events (assuming there is someone actually doing this, which sometimes seems doubtful given the lack of anything to do), look at it the way it’s currently being presented, they’ll think we’ve got enough to do and won’t bother scheduling anything else.

Thé câlendar should, IMO, show the tournaments running during the week like it used to.

What we use the calendar for is when will raids, onslaught, war, hordes etc start and finish.

Keep your feedback coming guys :slight_smile:

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