That new 6* richard LOL WOW


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Yea but i bet you add him and drop a blue and you kill them even faster. As a situational character he is USEFUL just for his atk power alone. If you can drop shiva before using her Ar, it could change to outcome for plenty of people.

I am not saying he is a great choice for everybody but their are 100% people who could benefit with him on their teams. Stop acting like you’re the only person playing this game.

My main team is mira lead,ty,yumiko,shiva,zeke. I would have no issues switching yumiko for richard when facing carl/shiva teams.

dont make me flag you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: he is just trash. Scopley isnt going to make $$$$ if they keep making crap like this. Which is a great thing. I want this game to fail. Bunch of cyber Thieves.

You must have missed the part where i said i would never pull for any promo toons… I said as a ftp toon i could find him useful in situational purposes. I could care less if you disagree because how tf do you know what would benefit my team and when?

I believe this is one of the reasons why Spencer isn’t ascendable yet. I remember hearing some characters in development were a lot like him.

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You must have forgotten that dwight would give Richard a attack buff and would totally kill two characters because of him having waste not.

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All i have left to ascend is ty #2 and barker, after ty #2 gets the treatment i would 100% ascend him before barker, specifically for carl/shiva teams.

If you wouldn’t fine, that’s your choice. Maybe you have tons of other ascendable options but i don’t. If you can honestly tell me that using him vs carl/shiva teams would be a bad idea. Then ill stop rn.

Which even if you claim it would be a bad idea, id call Bs because his atk power with a mira lead would do as much dmg to greens,as ty does to reds ( minus double atk if he has it )

Ikr right all these people cry about no originality in team building and when they have other option potentials, they start with more tears. He could 100% be useful with the right setup vs the right teams.

Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t understand that if you can kill mostly green teams by round 3. Who cares if his ar isnt the greatest?? Pretty sure it wont matter. I bet anyone right now if they’re rocking carl/shiva/wyatt teams that they start crying when they gotta face richard with a good lead. You know when they start getting dropped before shiva can get confuse off.

Also i guess having a second stun gun is a horrible idea, sounds like a horrible idea. I guess putting it on 5* duane would be a much better idea.

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I would totally rock Richard on defense and make people rethink this guy I just simply won’t pay for this guy is all he not worth the money of X Y Z

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I hope you pulled for him. Also great job on answering your own post.

Just as you would totally rock that trashy Maim Negan on defense, right? :wink:

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Lol would love to school you if I had the toons to

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Negan is trash af.

Wow. Read my comment again. And the comment I responded to.
I have not lost a single word about Richard, so no need for insults.

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Very peaceable of you, Zombie Popeye. +1 sir

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Sorry i thought it was the person above you who commented that. We,ve been going back and forth and i didn’t look at who posted it and responded.

The hostility wasn’t meant to be directed at you.

I hope you will pull for him then.

Then why not have the ascended version be slightly different? For example, granting teammates evasion and lowering enemy attack values instead of stun?

trying to survive kalishanes post.


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