That new 6* richard LOL WOW

he has nothing going for him… I would use him as a FODDER before i ever upgrade him to a 6*.
ill be shocked if anyone tries to pull for him.
PUREEE garbage!!



I’d buy richard for about 4k coins max.

But i dont got 4k coins anyways.

Could pair him with alpha and give him a splash damage weapon behind a mirabelle lead… ouch

LOL NO. there are so many better chars to go after then richard. This is probably the WORST 6* right now. I cant even come up with another 6* close to this guy.

worse ar yes highest atk stat yes so he be one shoting greens.

The only thing bad about Richard is the fact he is 76ap. His active skill is pretty reliable, he is basically guranteed to kill a character possibly two with waste not, his stats are the same as alpha so he can deal heavy first turn damage if you have him a splash damage weapon so pair with alpha it’s going to hurt. Obviously their is alot of powerful six star blues in the game alot of which are free to play so that’s a down side for him but that’s apart of the game. He is not trash he just not someone to spend money on if you want characters that are going to still be around long term. Plus scopely doesn’t make it easier for these six stars to be usable when they are sorta collecting dust because of the lack of uylsses and lilfths so it’s just not worth buying but he is not trash.

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What about Shane, beta, michonne, and that god awful blue zeke. At least Richards rush is a guaranteed metric shit ton of damage.


What’s this blue zeke?


Shane is the worst 6*. Followed by Beta.

Doesn’t look that bad. 66ap + 400%dmg @ 1992 + stun 1 turn to 2 enemy is pretty decent.

Lol at how clueless some people are.

Richard is not the best legendary but he’s far from being one of the worst.


This… His atk is crazy high and 600% dmg ar is going to rock people, especially with a mira lead. I would take that richard over plenty of other 6*.

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I am not, they should pull more, more crying on forums after it. Which reminds me, why isn’t there a topic with pull/cries, come on people, Richard is great toon, you can do it!

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I will not be pulling for him as I’m selective with my spending. That being said if I was to get him on a free pull or as a reward I would spend the 8 toons and medals to ascend him. Hes a green killer in a game of some pretty good green toons. in wars I would keep this guy on backup when facing a very strong melee team which there are in abundance.

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When they had great event rewards of multiple Liliths and Ulysses for quite some time and everyone cried about how they werent trying because the rewards ‘sucked’ my faction just came in and swooped them all up. Now people cry about cheats wondering how we all have such high AR and Actives on our toons. DERP. People don’t know good rewards if it hits them in the forehead.

Oh i wouldn’t pull for him, but if he was f2p i would use him. I have done a total of 1x 10 pull and that was from doing tap joy offers.

Nothing they sell in this game is worth the money. The only offers they have that aren’t complete rip offs are the SR offers. Pretty much everything else is insanely overpriced.

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i wouldnt waste my medals on him. there are so many better F2P chars then him.

I agree but there are also worse toons then him. He would be awesome for taking down carl lead teams and that’s 45% ( other 45% is mirabelle ) the remaining 10% is split between erica/vincent/Barker/5*.

He is going to hit as hard as tyrese or alpha so saying he’s useless is pretty stupid. I don’t see many people come on here complaining that tyrese and alpha are shit and considering a HUGE number of players use carl as a lead. He is alot more useful then half of you people care to admit.

His ar is lackluster but against carl with his heal. He would prove to be invaluable taking down those teams. He will also be a shiva killer as well, i guess people would rather be confused 2 turns then use richard.

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While I agree but for those that pull promo after promo the supply isn’t keeping up with demand and makes pulling for these toons kinda a waste of time. I have plenty of six stars with maxed rushes other then one and that’s mostly because I buy adens from SR depo.

his Active skill is TRASH never will be used.
His Specialist skill is also trash. that will pretty much help the def team to boost AP. ALSO his AR is only 1 char!!! heal reduction… if you have a problem with a team healing themselves… then you clearly dont have a good enough attack team. this guy will never be on my main ATK or DEF team. I eat Green CARL T4 teams with my blue/red team. I kill ALL with everyone alive like 99% of the time. /mic drop

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