That moment when u already got Pete but keep getting keys from territories 😲

At least bring back the keys exchange again if u want to keep giving them to us


Ha ha yes and cones cake etc lol

Now that I have him yeah.

As for me Im having trouble winning raids

Teams I fight against either have me screwed from bonus hp, dexterity of kapoor and more.

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Pete sucks on attack sorry bro should have gone priya


True but I like him in my attack team as I can’t finish teams turn 2 yet, not as lead

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Pete should never be attack lead


If Pete is an attack lead, you are going to have a rough time lol


I only use 5 Petes on attack.


He really does.

He’s tanky and beefy but if you dont have a good enough bleed, damage, with gun enough mods. Then all he good for is defending. If you got a good enough def team you can either kill off the attacking team or just run the clock down (I haven manage to win against 22k rep people with pete due to the fact that I cant do enough damage to down him since his bonus hp ■■■■■■■ runs the time down).
Pete,Angel,Christa,Kapoor, Raulito
Christa has 30% atk
30% crit
30%def smg for kapoor
Pete? His huge ap bonus dont shit since by turn 3 I dont have one ar

A good combo is kapoor and angel. So pete can recover and cause trauma to his own team.

And this is issue with too long collections, by time people finish them the field has totally changed.


How bout don’t play and let other ppl have a shot at it?

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Jajajajajaja en serio…?? Este último evento de territorio dominamos las demás facciones no se llevaron nada somos top 1

If only they had opened up other territory that had different items in it which your faction could have held instead. :wink:

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