will rm offer enough to earn a toon? And who ya gonna get? That’s what i keep hearing… I Will defintely be getting at least Bryan, gonna try for top 2. But been getting asked alot by region mates are they going to be ftp or ptp… Seems they gave us enough to get 2 tokens and do first set of rms but then what will we have to pay for the rest to get maybe even a possibility of getting one of these. Its thanks giving hopefully they GIVE us enough to get a free character. Will we have to pay for these? We should be told ahead of time. Id hate to see someone spend 4k gold on thanksgiving bags and pull wrong stuff n still not get one. Last year like the wyatt and dwight collections they were guarenteed free as long as you participated. What are your thoughts on event?

Here’s two ways of looking at this.

1.) The HM #2, where we get the collection items, runs for two days. They gave us two tokens and enough wood the first day which allowed us to complete both Harvest maps but none the day after. So maybe the items are given twice-daily.

2.) They pulled that old drug dealer “the first taste is free, but I know you’ll want more. And I’ll be right here…” technique by dwindling PTP legends in our face, giving us the items to get a start on it, and refuse to make this a free event by making us pay to continue, much like how the Nintendo 3DS could download free software titles that were really just free-to-start games. Motherfuckers couldn’t bother to just call it a demo.

Seeing as this is Scopely, I’m going out on a limb and guessing it’s the latter. They’re just that petty enough to not give us one PTP toon that’s actually amazing or better than the other free toons by a huge comparison.

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Wood only for $? Another p2p event?)

No. They gave a huge chunk to all players on day 1, and it was also given as the first 2 milestones in a short LU. We’ll likely see more wood as milestone rewards for SR, LU, and raid tournaments.


^ is the likely event design.

But the 10 day weather forecast also suggests a 50% chance of being ScopLied


Roadmap will earn you enough for atleast one toon and I’m def goin for either Bryan or princess haven’t decided yet both are good in different ways for me

I ain’t spending on this an I got wood to do only 1st act got to last stage in 2nd act and left 15wood shy… I clearly got played…if that’s how it’s gonna be doubt be hitting what need for asc toon

Probably Bryan because I don’t think the other 2 will add anything to my roster. He could hurt if you apply a defense debuff on those annoying little greens.

Ain’t Scopely’s mysterious approach something? :wink:

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