Thanksgiving event


So I wanted to start this topic on obviously something that we didn’t get with Halloween. Are we going to get an event? We got one last year so I’m hoping we get something and not related in anyway to the new Lucille patrol. I do like the Lucille patrol but we usually have holiday events so what suggestions do you guys think would be nice


Farmable tokens and a good wheel. 'Nuff said.


Any suggested toons


I will say it now so you can’t say you didn’t know - a crappy bag you have to buy and a new mueseum collection is not a good holiday event…


Decap Abe, red Negan, yellow Sawyer (as the wheel MVP maybe?!), samurai Jesus. I don’t know, something that can still be decent behind a good lead.


Samurai jesus and limited negan please :slight_smile: I know they are pretty close to be useless now but sorry guys I want them haha


You guys know this is just wishful thinking from our part, right? Right, guys?


I would like to see some toons we don’t really get to see anymore and ehhh wishful thinking may be just what they need


Farmable tokens or a good wheel, they’ll never have both at the same time


Yeah they keep talking about suggestions and cooperation, feedback and stuff like that, we are doing our part…that’s pretty much it for now haha


Not trying to be a Negative Nancy, but this is scopes we’re talking about. Just being realistic, that’s all.


All I want is a nice war reward that is not tokens


Unless it’s a 24-48h one, maybe?


One like hold the line would be best


Cool toons, farmable within reason, raid event with drops, t4 gear for 6* like legendary but with the specific items(qty 6 separate from gps/canteen)


cough* without garbage 2* items *cough


Well not to spoil things but the current shit event still has 27.5 days left on it. Thanksgiving is in 22 days.


You’re absolutely right, but they could add a limited time wheel and a farmable map.


Completely agreed


I don’t remember ever having two events at once if the second event wasn’t super brief like some sort of random premium opportunity (most recent example, silver rock halloween collection). Unless we’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving in December I wouldn’t count on an “extended” term f2p event on account of this current event taking up all but two days of November.