Thanksgiving Event Video - Rewards + What You Need To Do To Complete It

Thanksgiving event is here and time to eat a good ole Road To Survival feast. Going to need some wood to cook our canned beans to eat with our peas n carrots. I hope this food isn’t spoiled…

Are you going for Rose, Princess or Brian?


HM #2 will likely run 11 times. That’s about 14300 P&C you can get from what I heard. So that’s one PTP toon. The stash contains 3000 addition items. And completing it will give 10k more, allowing anyone who drops coins or money to get both PTP toons. With that in mind, I’m going for Bryan.

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£££££££££ (sentence)

After beating the first roadmap we may be able to get two if ya hop on each day stash would be for paying folk