Thanksgiving Event Screenshots


Start Time 7 pm european Time Today


Trainers. How exciting… /s


I love Benedicts.

Need a new 6*!


I don’t need benedicks cause I’m #RunningLowOn6* huehuehuehue


Can anyone tell from that what kind of event it is going to be?


seeing the turkey it will be a finger licking good event.

First screen show a roadmap. maybe the parts will also be available in raids? Or farmable in these roadmaps


apparently people always complain…first they want benedicts then they don’t want benedicts…

it’s an all right event, but nothing special tho, could have given out some special items such as 6* characters or 5* ascendable characters or gears…

but I don’t mind trainers these tho


Yeah I’ll take it. Trainers and Benedicts :ok_hand:


them trainers are fucking good did u want 6 star handed to you?


I think we are all in need of more fodder, and AR trainers. So the prizes for this event are spot on. However, I doubt we’ll get more than 3 free pulls - the roadmaps themselves won’t give us enough for a pull if the turkeys aren’t farmable, so I hope we’ll get some of this from milestones in future events.


Better than the Halloween ‘event’.


Please be farmable…


It looks like 600/1000 turkeys as rewards in that 3 Act roadmap. And corn will given out as rewards for each stage it seems.

I’m predicting the rest of the Turkeys are in milestones, rewards, and shop. And the corn will be farmable via the roadmap.


Sprinkle some corn around in raids would work too :wink:


@kalishane Question - in a previous post you had stated during the Thanksgiving event Legendary medals would be a focus. Are there more maps coming up besides this? As one who has been patiently waiting and super excited about a legendary medal map, I’m disappointed and hopeful that they will still make their appearance as you stated.



There better be some good stage rewards inside those maps


Rng 6* yea.




8 energy
8 waves per stage.
Beginning at S1
Giving ~1k exp and no impressive drops.

And I’m not seeing the roadmap is enough to complete the collection by itself. Though i might have miscalculated.

New players can’t engage.

Thanks for this, even still I guess. ''Tis the season.


8 waves lol why? Just why? This game makes less sense each day.