Thanks scopley for no buffing guo!

So I was about to talked yesterday about how awful Guo is .
But for a second I thought this is not a good idea cause scopley may do the same thing they did with jessie.
Guo in my view is ok the way he is right now ,
His active skill is awesome, his AR is great .
The firs part of his leader skill is fantastic.
How ever his bad side is the second part of his leader skill
Why ?

1- it’s only 75% and not 100% that means reviving is possible
2- for the first 3 turns ? Really
I don’t even start to search for healing before t4 , so he is not a problem at all .

Again thnx for not buffing him scopley

wtach out for double aarev and sir gao

His leader skill isn’t great, there are plenty that give huge Ap on attack and something better than 75% heal down.
That being said, I think that leaderskill is what most of his detractors have focused upon.
His AS is phenomenal… It’s Doc Stevens AR without the taunt and going off at the same time if the Doc doesn’t have a command. Doc’s weapon is a huge advantage but can be disarmed. To top it off, impair, which is common, won’t stop it like it will Docs, only daze which is far less common will. The burn is just a bonus.
His AR since it affects all is actually quite excellent and does quite a decent amount of damage without taking into account the pretty hefty total amount of bleed too.
Since he is weaponless, you can put your best red weapons on him from the get go.
If he hadn’t had such a poor leaderskill to distract from the rest but instead had had something minor like Neutralize, I don’t think he would have had as many detractors as they wouldn’t have slated his leaderskill so much and then the talk would have been about how he has the absolute best part of doc in his Active.
Yes Docs weapon and Taunt in his AR are major features too, but the main attraction is the +60ap to 2 teammates.
He didn’t need buffing imo. He’s not a leader, he’s an enabler and a decent damage dealer with his AR.


It seems like he does stuff HIS WAY :joy:

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