Thanks scopely. :)


Thank you very much I loved this event…



You are not alone :confused:


5 less for me…



Each match except for 2 that I saw (could have been more, just what I saw) were all against top 10 when we were rank 14 the whole time. Yeah thanks a lot Scopely


On the bright side if they don’t put up any offers you’ll get 9k depot points since the ratio is 1:100 but they’ll put up last minute offers more than likely


Someone in my faction has 95…
I don’t get $copely logic
If there is 1 day they can make ma$$ive $$$ from Selling tokens it’s today, but there are no token offers any more


its called schadenfreude, they take pride in that


I don’t understand why the top spenders would need them tokens anyway. They just buy everything regardless. Another train wreck by scopely. Should of just done better milestones and rewarded people 100 3rd year anniversary tokens instead to get people more active to do the war.


Clearly you guys expected scopley to be nice but will never happen


Look at it this way , 90 supply points in the pocket mate :slight_smile:


for some reason, I found this perfect with your avatar XD (Randy)


I think it’s 9000, but I might be wrong


It a 1:1 ratio all tokens will always be 1:1 ratio




Okay we’ll have fun with your sd points obviously I only buy cans from there


Least the token-to-sd-points ratio isn’t as bad as the last few wheels. Still not as excited to get sd points though.


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