Thanks scopely great update

I often get told I only come on here to complain so I’d like to be the first to say thank you this update shows the player first attitude that was promised last year it.
It will help people who are busy to keep up and help to keep people playing.
Definitely best update yet!
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Good so far but the big ticket hasn’t gone live yet…
wait for the uproar if they’ve got the wrong prices in the depot after all the fiddling during beta release and discussion here on the forums.


Scopely never mistakes, scopely do what scopely does. If prices aren’t as advertised it doesn’t mean they are wrong, it only means they chose to monetize it a bit.

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I like it too. The option to raid our teammates is great addition (being one that was kept being requested for years) and it gives us a great opportunity to smack talk about each other

Loving the update, friendly duels is something I’ve wanted for ages. Can finally prove to my team that they simply can’t beat me!

You are actually saying that you never left a faction to test team or?

Replying to myself…

Depot looks ok to me. I still don’t think I’ll use it except for food but at least I’m no worse off other than a few extra taps

Agree. So far so good.

I agree with you this is a good update in the end but it would’nt have been if we had not raised the alarm about the food. There was no food in the gear depot on the first kalishane post so they must have changed it. I especially really like that the old depot was revamped. Getting cans every week will be a good thing!

One thing that should be changed fast though, is to be able to buy multiples food stash in one time in the gear depot. It’s even more of a chore than before to get the food now. Please take it to the team @kalishane :slight_smile: