Thanks for wasting sooooo much of my time scopley!


I am talking about the 0 energy road map i spent countless very very boring hours farming, all so i might have a slight chance at getting that stun gun. Well after farming almost 20k pieces it looks as like it was a complete and total waste of time.

I guess they’re not going to release the map anymore… Thats cool scopley so now i have 20k useless plastic pieces… I really wish yous actually knew what the heck you are doing. That or actually gave us any kind of definitive answers or understanding of not only when the maps would be available but for how long as well.

I do know that had i known before hand that i would only have 2 chances to hit 25k i wouldnt have even bothered trying. Well done scopley!!! Thanks again for wasting so much of my time and for also ruining your entire game. Everything about it now sucks, rewards,crw match ups, lvl up milestones,lack of faction events, lack of 5*, lack of t4 6* gear, lack of medals,lack of old 5* converted to 6*, lack of lilliths/adens and uyless, lack of any even remotely decent offers. The point of the story is you’re LACKING EVERYWHERE and on a consistent basis.

You suck… The End.



So Scopely lie and mislead.

Then you suggest you used over 2400 tokens to get less than 24000 plastic bits, so ignoring what you get for completing the 3 roadmaps, that’s a drop rate of less than 10. Hmmmmm

Not defending Scopely but pots and kettles spring to mind



The plastic pieces roadmaps sure weren‘t a prime event but let‘s be fair. The waste of time is only to be blamed on the guy in your mirror, mate.



Just to answer the title. You wasted your own time! Scopely didn’t waste your time!



Shut up troll, nobody even likes you or your un-necessary commentary. The fact is they mislead everyone with the time frame we had in order to farm 25k pieces. Had i known i only had 3 attempts to complete the 25k i would have stayed up the extra 4 or 5 hours it would have taken.

Go bring your kiss ass to scopley mods commentary to somebody else’s thread.

So yes because scopley mislead me, they in fact wasted my time.



You shouldn’t complain, scopely works hard at bringing maps that you will enjoy.



I don’t know what’s worse, not getting the 25k pieces or getting Michonnes G36.

Of the four weapons available that was number 5 for me.

It sucks for sure for the people that fell short though, that 1 Xp per run through was not worth the hours invested.

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You wasted your own time buddy. lol I wasted my own time too. Nothing in this game is forced. You should know about the bait and switch tactics this game uses by now. You are a troll and nobody likes you either. See how much impact that has? It has no impact, because you can’t control yourself, I don’t care what you say about me and if you want to make this personal and you had to insult me like what, 2 times. Take some responsibility and blame for your own actions and stop looking for someone to blame all the time and attacking people personally. You see how fast your thread died? Nobody was interested in it. It was 8 days silence here before I posted in it. I bumped it to the top and now it might actually get some replies.



R18-C4G3 can demonstrate tremendous will power in not replying for 2 whole days if need be, so I’d give up now if I were you @Brian_Mcleod



I have every right to voice my complaints because of scopleys lack of transperancy. Had i known prior as with everyone else. I and i am sure others wouldn’t have wasted a solitary second.

I put blame where it’s do. If you have a problem with that, go kick rocks.