Thanks for trolling us again





Scopely the ultimate trolls


Damage control done badly


Not badly. Just the Scopley way


Bought six refills for less than a dollar, came away with an ascendable. Why are we bitching?


Lol wow you are really dim


Guess so! Like I said, bought the refills and got a bonus. Guess I’m stupid.


Par for the course. These types of actions, responses, and behavior should not come as a shock to us at this stage of the game.


This lie they came up with Is a slap in the face to the loyal customers, however they didn’t make this one past while they stayed silent, I can’t figure out which one is worst.


We’re bitching because 90% of us would get 3 4 stars for a dollar


What shocks me, & it really does shock me, is that was quite clearly an offer for low level players to try & help them close the gap on the long time players (yeah yeah, it’s to get them spending, I know) and at some point when some of the community kicked off about it there would have been a discussion at Scopely towers about how to respond to that community.

On the table were 2 option, 1: admit it was an offer for low level players or 2: pretend it wasn’t, give everyone a chance to get three 4* toons & put out another offer similar to the low level player offer with different tokens.

& what shocks me is that after having this discussion they thought it best to go for option 2.

Option two is the equivalent of a 4 year old hiding half their body under the bed while playing hide & seek and refusing to come out despite being so obviously visible.


How is it trolling? they told us they were going to give us this offer.


Because what they gave us is like garbage compared to what the other players got that’s how … I mean come on really theee 4 star toons get out of here


Eminem if your not going troll or Diss players do it with your rap skill or wats the point lol
Here il start ya off

Scopley is great!! me and Jb on a date,
Offer came late all you players hate,
Salty is my way p2w I stay,
Distract… mislead… Whats that…
Git good not rude.
But Pancake? mistake I Jb was on a break,
Radio ohh no gold gold bling bling,
Ring ring hello ÂŁ1 offer hell noo.

Ur turn


Not bad that :rofl:


You’re out here complaining about split wars,
I’ll just shake it off while I spit bars,
Nothings ever good enough not a radio of gold,
Watch the forum fill up with posts about it… this shit is getting old,
Why not enjoy the game as is, These forums are filled with little kids,
Take the wins we get in stride, Or as a community watch us divide




Well i have actually get 2 or 3 5* from 3 pulls one alert made to suffer 2 andrea with very fast charge indomitable and healer wich even being a 5* is nice haha


Hey there, not everybody has some amazing stroke of luck when they open up a trashy offer like that. 4 stars are good at the very beginning of the game, but later on they just become sacrifices for (usually) trashy ascensions, or that taken space in your roster, that character you’ll never look at again. Now, the most ridiculous offer I’ve seen were the 350 Year 3 Tokens, for a second there I thought Scopely had finally given most players an amazing deal! But no, those who bought it kept it, and those who DIDN’T were never able to again, and got 3 4 stars as an apology, not too much of a chance at a 5 star or Legendary (exclusively not the last one), and not very fair at all, either. But since when has Scopely not squeezed every cent possible out of the game?