Thanks for this scopely, the other hidden cost of this game


So I’m now getting alert on the regular, so now I have to either get a new battery or a new phone. Extra cost due to this damm game. Thanks for wearing out my battery. Maybe next game could you make it less power intensive.
Anyone else having to paying this hidden cost for this darned game?


Too bad mainstream phones don’t have removable batteries anymore

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Lmao. It’s not just this game; it’s other apps you have downloaded are running at the same time. Also you must be playing the game and charging at the same time. Delete unimportant apps and keep your phone on airplane mode when charging. It turns everything off.


I already mentioned what it was. Hahaha.

I have already gone through 2 batteries, soon to be a 3rd. Twd is the only app I have on my gaming phone aside from the ones built in.

That is why I haven’t swapped my LG G5 yet.

Phones have learned from auto manufacturers. Watch out for vehicles requiring coding of a new battery as it is a way to vastly increase the cost (typically paid for at a dealership) as you probably can change your battery but not do the coding.

I just ran into this when the car threw the “battery failure” warning. Battery can be purchased for $150, but no one will code for less than $250…Seriously, $490 to replace a battery?

I’m ready to switch to an LG V20 since it’s the last flagship with a removable battery (at least I think), and it must be a lot cheaper by now.

You made a great point about car batteries too