Thanks for this compensation?

You guys are too generous. Lol. @ForumAdmin


@GR.Scopely @TayTron tagging you to see how much this has been a mess for us. We expect and deserve better as your players and customers.


I took the twig and the 1 1* survivor. Winning!!!


Came to post the same

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Scopes messing something two times in a row

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Same here

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You both screwed up…if you got the survivor and fed him the food he would immediately grow and start eating DEFENSES!


Twig n 1* revolution baby, we are growing!!! Arghhhhh

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We are hearing the death rattles of this company. Incompetent in all aspects.

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The level of incompetence from this company seems to get worse by the day. I shouldn’t be surprised yet they seem to shock me with each passing day. It’s almost a game within a game, how badly will they fuck up today?

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Dam it, you’re right. I’m gonna ask support for a redo

Never received the comps sweet

Put your rewards up your assss scumply

That’s why I haven’t collected it yet lol. That and I don’t want to collect it and have them morons in support try to tell me it’s my Missing Milestones bc vet rings are still bugged.

Haha you got Scoplied

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I got the same choice box. What a pleasant compensation from scopely

Nice… good job on the comp


Don’t claim it if you haven’t yet. Wait for 30 days and maybe scopely will give you something better… :blush:

I don’t think they give good compensation because they aren’t capable and they don’t know how.

Cause it confuses them how to treat people correctly; they are just mentally uncapable of doing the right thing.