Thanks for the Wyatt but


This does nothing to help the “team diversity” problem. Not complaining at all, and I can’t believe I’m saying this because it involvesRNG :face_vomiting:…but the “Ascendable Recruit” collection should have involved a bag with 4-5 options for a recruit (Wyatt, Hershel, Vincent, Sandy, Viktor). Would of made it more interesting ¯_(ツ)_/¯


A free ascendable is a free ascendable, but yeah a bag or a wheel with different ones would be nice


Wyatt is for noobs. Most people i have chatted to are going for the gear


In fact, @Plagueis, your version of Christmass Ascendable recruit would’ve been even better than last year’s Chirstmass Event.

Scopely could’ve surpassed itself, but, unsurprisingly enough, it decided not to do so…


Nobody is forcing you to choose Wyatt.


I had 2 radios and used some of my nug nugs to pull for gear. GOT TWO WATCHES RNG MIRACLE.

Probably means I wont have emough to get Wyatt but does mean I can level the fuck out of my two newly minted T3 6* so might just finish in top 100 of this solo…


I’m sorry i stepped on your tiny little toe :frowning: . The gear is more interesting than most of those 6s you listed because the majority of the freely accessible 6s are simply better.


I doubt those 2 alone are enough for top 100 now you get the same amount of renown points for leveling a tier 4 5*.


I’m not a noob (been playing for over 2 years now and in top 5 faction) but a free ascendable is a free ascendable. Wyatt is a premier recruit and people spent for him not too long ago so if I can get him for free, why not?? Gear will be more accessible down the road. And for those of us who play a lot, we’ll be able to collect more chicken (oops Gold) nuggets to get gear as well.


6 star is for noobs lmao will get most of them gear bags aswell as the 6 star if u cant do both at once your the noob.


I know I want the GPS and canteen, but if it’s a choice between wyatt and the other t4 gear that’ll be tough


I’m really happy bout Wyatt you can’t complain about a fee toon


They should but even in my no1 faction, people are mostly going for Wyatt. They’re falling into Scopely trap so readily, it’s crazy. It’s not random that the toon they’re giving for “free” has a unique weapon.


Nice try guys, but there’s no problem going for Wyatt. The T4 gear available will be handed out more in the future but we many never know if Wyatt (or any ascendable premier) will be handed out for free again, knowing Scopely. Sure he’s a “meh” 6* but it would still help to build up your roster with all the ascendable toons you can get.


The most despised RNG is avoidable, and there could be a choice to get what ascendable you want. Remember the “pick your side” event? Add one different collection item you can only get one of, and use it as a limiter so you can only get one ascendable 5*. Being able to choose what you want will not only solve the variety problem but also make the playerbase happy.


Ahhh, the good ole days!


I was lucky enough to pull his 6* version from a 10 pull. He;s really good if you can get lucky and drop -30 ap on his weapon behind a carl lead.


I am in desperate need of a strong 6-star. I have 3 Shirley trainers just waiting to be used. Sadly, Wyatt is the only one I wouldn’t want. Carl, Shiva, Victor, Beta and Negan are all better IMO. So gear it is for me. Got a canteen so far…


It’s all about the gear…


No gear, no medals.

May as well be another Sklyar for me


Pick your side was an amazing event would love to see that type again