Thanks for the Slater, Scopely!

So, this morning, still halfway asleep doing my early morning routine - burn some world energy to avoid capping out, check fac chat and global chat for any info, then check the offers for an off-chance of getting a freebie…
I got wide awake in a femtosecond - seeing Slater as a free offer to grab!!!

I didn’t like Slater when he first time rolled out, but after him messing up my atks by reviving (active skill and rush) and them focusing the whole team (rush), I came to fully appreciate him. Now I know with the right weapon and in the right team (buffed defensive stats and huge AP on defense, +impair/elusive) he is the best command/reviver to get!

So, all players, go grab him and join me in appreciation of the gift - one that was not solicited, cajoled out or is compensating a major bug.

Thank you, Scopely team! Let’s hope that along with the recent QoL update and announced war overhaul, this is a next step on your path to listening to player feedback and caring about the player base.

The Walking Dead: Road to Customer Satisfaction


I was very positively surprised to see that also. I did see it in my faction chat though as someone posted it around 9am my time which is 2 hours ago.
So I rushed online and he actually popped for me as one of the offer straight on screen.

I’ve wanted him for long and I fully agree with you that he is a great command/revive. And I’ve forgotten about his focus more than once :smile:

So yeah - thank you for the gift Scopely! And happy 4th of July to you - to me it’s just a regular rainy Saturday so the appreciation was nice.


Thank you for the third Slater. He’s trash now btw.

It’s a decent gift. Will certainly help out a lot of mid range rosters. Although I won’t be levelling him, I appreciate that this will definitely be helping others.
Scopely have been doing more good than bad lately although they just can’t help themselves sometimes when it comes to trolling customers (Eagle Bag and 49 hats springs to mind).
The most recent update was excellent imo, the future update looks amazing, and whilst people are complaining about too many events - it means we get so many more shards than we did before.

This is a much better post than the toddler kicking the back of the car seat on the other page btw. Definitely framed more respectfully and better to facilitate a conversation. Kudos.


Yea just reinstalled than uninstalled the game from for him if I ever come back

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Good toon,im prefer S shards but slater are good(im dont use comand) now use in level up.

Not a bad gift at all. I’m sure there are a lot of people who could use this character! Very nice of them to throw him out there for free. Now wait for the posts saying it wasn’t easy enough to get to LOL.

Just woke up and saw this. Thank you, Scopely!

Was a nice surprise :slightly_smiling_face:

I already have Slater and use him a lot. Definitely doesn’t hurt to have a second one.

Sounds neat

i’m glad you told us you quit. i was wondering what happened to you.

It’s a nice gesture for sure. He was one of the best 6stars so good for those who would use him.


Not terrible. I didn’t have him so all good with me. Probably won’t use him but still thanks Scopes. Happy 4th of July :fireworks:


Happy to get em on my mini. Needed a command and he is one of the best.

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I still use him! Hes great! If I wasnt close-ish to a rick I’d lvl him, mod him differently than my other one.
Thanks scopely

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Can i get rick command if I buy only 1 battle pass key??

You can get only 4k cards… so that’s a 6* version, still usable… you can get two of them, another 3 yellow toons with 8% weapons and get to rush Aarav on T1 offense with Malcolm lead…

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Slater is a fantastic command, very usable still. I use him all the time, so handy with focus, revive rush and revive active. One of the best gifts given out without a doubt. Thanks @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger


Agree, he’s great defensive addition, one that can combine Pete and Frost (for those who grinded for them as I did) with Princess and another Saboteur (Wangfa or Priya come to mind, eventually simply another shield) to make a solid timeout team in the S-class era.

On PvP offense he’s not as good, but really solid against the S17+ roadmap stages…