Thanks for the recommendation on how to blow $30

the greed has no end to their piss poor product right now


BRUH THATS NOT EVEN WORTH 30$ 30 would be 2k coins, 5k strike tokens, 1k blue keys and 1.5k prestige points. I know scopely love money but please. ADD SHIT THATS WORTH OUR MONEY. If I just wanted 1.5k strike tokens I would of found a cheap offer.

Nothing in this game is worth $30.


Only thing worth is the coin login and sc. All my sc pulls have been ■■■■■■■ garbage.

From the week trial of SC I tried, hell nah.
Only pulled 4’s the whole week.

Bruh Same I got my free pull right. So lemme do one on elena.

Another ■■■■■■■ 4 star



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just do not buy it and maybe they will learn

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Kma on the notion that i would waste $30.00 on this bs, i could buy $30 of top ramen, beef jerky, soup and Mnt Dew at Dollar Tree and have more of a sense of acomplishment and a full stomach for two weeks compared to a sense of failure of doing a pull and end up with a crap 4*


or 3 star toons … yes, they’re in there too

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For about the same price on Steam right now you could get Shogun:Total War complete collection, Medieval: Total War complete collection, Rome: Total War complete collection and Medieval II: Total War definitive edition.

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Bought one bag 325 coins, from the featured just for crits and giggles, got me 3 strike pulls!

since I’m a new player, reckon this will help me build a better team :slight_smile: … didn’t have any leaders or revives.


Gratz she is a good pull


Shes a great toon. Congrats

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“most popular”

The truth here makes me laugh… :slight_smile:

My piss is worth more than that

There’s always my way out …

Their getting ridiculous with these Blue Keys. Saling them very expensive. Hopefully to get people to spend tons of money for him.