Thanks for the laopo collection

It has help other more successful free to play players collecting the cakes and being able to claim it so thanks for the collection. Hopefully this happen with all the S-Class 6* toons.

Only thing that does disappoint is it isn’t for everyone like new players who have only 6* or or free to play 6* that don’t have enough to claim these S-Class 6* toons.


One is 6*, one is s class

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same thing with Priya before… nothing new

Still no free to play toon as these are for experience free to play players that know what they are doing

dont understand you?

the museum S toons are f2p. my S toons and their 6star versions were free from tournaments and daily roadmap

Yes for experienced free to play key word experienced as in they know what they are doing. New or inexperienced free to play or mild spenders might not have these toon which I believe every month there should be at least on free to play toons dedicated week just for toons most people will have.

oh. yes agree. maybe league store toon would be a good idea since everyone can buy him


Yes I get what you are saying - so my faction for example, I got 2 new players this week, one has Christa, which is barely leveled up at all, and the other new guy has no S Class at all.

Perhaps another S Class will be released when the James / Christa Collection ends?

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@Samuel1 Thanks for the feedback - I will share it with the game team.

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Many active players will very quickly end up with much fewer cakes than they can use (I can’t claim another one once I have Laopo maxed until the next war/ rvc event, and I while I should be good for Raulito, I’m not sure I will get enough to cash in on the Hengyen collection).

Adding more F2P collections would massively benefit those that get cake through other means, barely benefit the new players (not all of them will be able to hit war milestones for the first few weeks, and any stockpile they build up during that time will be gone soon), and massively increase the gap at all levels of play.

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Fair point didin’t think of that but even the lowest player should be able to hit at least 10k

We need f2p + f2p collection for God’s sake I need to collect the whole 5300 collectibles

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Where’s the double collection @GR.Scopely🤗

It kinda sucks that sclass laopo has to be maxed for you to collect it cause I just got the sclass after the crw before yesterday’s and it’s so hard to level then up with all the gear you need let alone how much xp it takes to level her up looks like I wont be collecting it since I’m only on level 95 t2


I was one of the lucky ones and already have one maxed the second isn’t far off

We got rank 65ish this CRW, and 12 of the people who participated didn’t reach 10k (maybe a bit less, I only noted down faction scores). We had two very new people participate, one got around 1k, the other 400. It’s hard to get scores if you can’t win a single battle, and your camp is burning immediately.

If you keep up motivation and have time, it’s probably possible to do - occasionally you’ll get a matchup where you can win a battle or two and get a thousand, and even at 400 a pop you only need 25 wars. But you need a lot of motivation and free time. One of our members has been playing for a long time, and she’s a consistent scorer in leagues (Plat 3 and #14 contributor in faction score), but hasn’t hit 10k since May as far as I can tell.

New and inexperienced players generally don’t get a lot of cakes in the first place (Some of them do, of course, we have a lower level player who consistently scores 20k+). Active and experienced players will run out of cake soon.

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I remember when I started on got in a decent faction I would get absolutely destroyed in the first 5 to 10 minutes but a decent attack team is all what mattered I have always been able to hit 10k right from the start just got to but a lot of effort in

Never knew that. I hope they do a raulito one. Im gonna get pete raulito and priya.

No need to bring mental illness into the picture, that just shows how uneducated you you are when you use them as an insult. Yeah he made a silly point, but just say “wow that wasn’t a great idea” or better yet just don’t reply because this forum is filled with so much hate already.

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Sure. But in this thread you are lobbying for new and inexperienced players. People in decent factions that have decent attack teams are not anywhere close to the typical new and inexperienced players (also, what do you mean by decent faction?). Furthermore, they should not have any problem getting enough collectibles to grab the 6* to cash in on the cake. When I look at our most casual active factions, I see 5 people who hit 10k (and one at 50), 4, 4 (and a 50) and 3. Most of them factions with around 20 total wars, so not super active but far from dead. Even in the #3 faction in our region, ten people didn’t get 10k.

I have no problem if people post about the things that they want for themselves. But I’d prefer it if people don’t hide behind new and inexperienced players.