Thanks for the free 4* Lori, I guess?

this might come across as ungrateful but why are you giving us a free ultra rare character? And a recycled one too. Calling it rise to power when its the Lori we got from the regional effort? Weird.


I was faster :blush:

I hope so much they give out a Free 4* Allen, So much

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Collectors, like myself, are happy with her. If you can’t use her, ascend her. Or collect her as part of your roster :slight_smile:

Like the 4 * Fort Negan Tenace which in the end does not serve much.

Direction the deposit!


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Um yes scopely thanks for the toon that in the world of six stars five stars are useless … I’m sure a four star will really help me …

Well, free is free, at least it’s not “free-mium”.


Collectors, newer players, ascendance. :slight_smile:


Completly free no strings attached and people still gotta complain. lol

Well, I am guilty of that myself so anyway…Pretty sure our lazy region missed out on getting her so tell them thanks! :smile:

They’re literally the same thing…

Used for Sophia. Wanted Clem but screw it.

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I hope this quote spreads

Ohhhhh ‘collectors’ are a thing now. Here I am using all my epics I get from tokens like sawyer and Ty and Darlene as fodder because I can’t seem to get epic trainers and who has the time to wait when you want to ascend a 5* right. And selling my 4*s just to keep a positive supply Depot amount… But yes I see it for collection purposes… Hehe

…players who started new accounts and can count the 4* they have on one hand…

Thanks you guys! I mean that.

I’m just a spoilt brat nevermind me. A free gift out of the blue is always welcome and very generous coming from scopley. The generosity have indeed improved in game with the implementation of the monthly daily log in rewards and choices of the rewards we want like with Rise to power. And of course last time scopely gave us a gift like this was a recycled 3* Negan. At least we’re making progress. Suggestion though, I don’t know if everyone feel like this but I dislike owning a Toon literally everyone else has. There’s more than enough toons to make sure not everyone gets the same stuff even if it’s free. I would have prefer you give us tokens to the value of the Toon. I’m sure ‘newer’ players would love that. Besides doing pulls is very thrilling.

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I started in my Third Region :joy:

Completly fine with it. I just hope the next free 4* will be Allen :innocent:

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What is it with you and Allen?


It’s a deep Relationship.


I see this…

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I appreciate the freebies for sure