Thanks for the evidence

If I read this Right it’s basically

if you paid for the 2 ls you still have to level up to receive them get rekt lol.
This basically translates to
It’s a minor scam of 200
But I guess it’s some evidence xd

I don’t see the big deal with this all ur missing out on is 50k ascendance medels which is nothing the 2 l’s u buy is for the bear so u either spend 100 coins on 1 bear and level up once or 200 coins for a bear which I had to do who cares about 50k silver medels


How is this a scam lol. I willingly paid 200 coins to get my bear, and as I recall, vast majority of people on this forum was complaining hard on how impossible it is to level up twice. Now you can skip all that and save your 50 cans, if that’s what you choose to do.

If you are that big of a completionist, you are free to spend the 50 cans to get the 50k silver ascendance medals if they are that important to you.


Which you didn’t based on the explanation you gave


Who want the 50k ascendance medals? That is but a drop in the bucket. The important thing was the bear. Which was the focus of what everyone wanted from the word


People on this forum complain about anything and everything unfortunately.


Yes. One measly bear. About 0.25% of the S-Class Princess.

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You gotta be kidding me this is clown stuff you never completed the mission required this isnt a scam you still get the bear stop whining and thinking you got something on them


stop trying to look smart by over-analyzing things. lmao you won’t be getting anything from scopely anyways

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Nah man hes got evidence that they sold us some letters. Hes gonna bring down the man we all owe him a debt

So you dont have to worry about it then. Lmao

My exact point. But that hasn’t stopped the tens of threads…

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Sure, but wait until Scopely figures out that they sold a few of those offers. Next event will be level u;p 5 times and the letters will be 500 coins a pop…

Those were only put because they realized how ridiculous the mission was to achieve. There was a reason they were only 100 coins

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Many people had these coins free from arenas and ads everyday anyway.

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Ads ain’t free man . You know that right?

How r they not free? Do u have to pay to watch an ad?

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No but scopley get paid when you watch ads .

Still free for you at the end of the day. You invested nothing but a bit if time into it. Even them I just have them play while I’m doing something else

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