Thanks for the Elite gear Map BUT


It’s good to finally get a Flak Jacket BUT THAT IS JUST ONE FLAK JACKET.

When will the next map be when I can get another Flak Jacket… two weeks!? A month!?

It need to be regular on a certain day and you need to tell us and make it crystal clear!



You need to grind with drop leader. Stop complaining and go farming.


Some people get lucky, some don’t.
I always grind the heck out of them using drop lead and faction drop.
I’ve received a flak once in maybe 100 times. I always get supply points instead.


That’s exactly what they want you to do, grind and waste your time for nothing. The CHANCE at something is just stupid.
Totally don’t mind grinding out farming for a definite object… NOT FOR A CHANCE AND MOST LIKELY NOT GETTING WHAT YOU NEED.


Tnx but 4* weapon parts roadmap plz


I agree. With ascendance being a thing now, I’m haemorrhaging beanies and flak jackets. These things need to be more accessible to more players, now that the bar has been raised with the introduction of legendary characters. A weekly map would be great or one of those gear maps you have to open with walkies? I see there are gold walkies but I’ve never seen a map that required it.


I suppose you want everything without working for it. If you need more gear you can always redo the map. Why complain?


Because the drop rate of flaks is absolutely appalling and it’s a waste of energy and time grinding it for a SUPER SLIM CHANCE that’s flak MIGHT drop.

Why defend scopley’s Crappy odds and game dynamics of chance. We all know they like making us use maximum effort and getting nothing for it. Grind for a definite objective, don’t get suckered into their game of chance.


Also you seem to have multiple accounts with slightly different names which you use to like your own comments and try to back up your opinions.
Do you send yourself birthday cards too?


Those are fakes who want to be like me, ignore all of them and listen to me


Weapon part maps are for noobs. They are the same as the weekly Wood-roadmap.


Im a noob then and im fine with that


We were all Noobs once!

I love the variation with roadmaps but they do need to be more regular, I agree.

It would be nice to have an Ultra one for older players one week and a new/elite gear one for everyone week about.