Thanks for the daily roadmap reworks

Title, we really needed that! (no sarcasm… This time)

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Seconded, credit where credit is due, rescue and food run are much much better now.


Can’t wait for “can Sunday” :roll_eyes:


Is this a joke topic? What is much better about the Mod Map and the Good gear map, and the Sunday story map, all on one day? It’s going to take at least 5 cans just to finish the maps for that day. This is terrible planning on Scopely’s part, unless they drastically lower the energy costs for these maps.


You really running both mod maps?

I only run the second one because no one wants the bronze mods

Also, do you run all three on the ultimate gear map every week? Can’t remember the last time the first one was ever worth running.

Unless these are also updated like the rest of the road maps

I can’t wait to see what they look like first


I’m curious to see the thursday one and hoping for big shirts/gloves drops

I just meant that food map is really worth doing (more food and you can get 500k bag too), and finally the rescue mission now is giving brady and burt as a reward + more 2* trainers

Lmao you couldn’t make this comment in the main thread. This needed its own? I swear ppl be trollin just because.

Thursday bottleneck is now Sunday. Lol

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Lol, i noted. Ive already a plan B

… But you also have more energy cos of higher levels :slight_smile:

The energy went up 1 extra energy, people be trippin. 1 more energy is easy. Sunday is easy also, you only need to do the gold/silver mod box roadmap and then hit the gear roadmap once since farming that would be silly since those rarely drop gear bags. Sunday stories idk about but people are just complaining to complain at this point. No matter what was done to the roadmaps even with people saying do it this or do it that way and it will be perfect, someone i guarantee you will be upset still. Also i liked the food map, i farmed it all day yesterday and made a bunch of deinks and now i can food stored safely away from raids and ready for a level up.

33% increase vs 11% (81@125 to 92@150)

If you’re going to increase the energy cost for the gear roadmap, at lease increase the number of shirts/gloves that drop!! Doesn’t have to be 1:1 but… something!

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I posting this cause the took out the wording on rescue
I was using drop lead Kenny and theirs was the result of the 2nd area 1st stage.

Now tell me is the road map updated? Or nerfed?

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