Thanks for the 100 rts tokens not

Thanks for the 100 rts tokens that are equivalent to a grenade and some incense.
You really are too gracious scopeley, how lucky we mere mortals are to be blessed with such a divine reward. This truly is a thanksgiving miracle <3

Said no one ever.

Keep on surviving i guess.


390 SP points at least, so 3.9 raid/world refills at best.

I just wish they get their Turkey 6* “rolled back” to a 5* turkey egg…

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be happy those who upgrade andrea didnt got compensation xD

so we get 100 survival tokens so we get a 4* that is worthless

For real, this is a fucking joke. At least give us 100 Victory tokens and you would be pleasing more people. Instead they decide to piss in our mouth and tell us it’s raining…


Neat. I didn’t get anythink at all.

And where are the compensation rewards?

@JB.Scopely víctory tokens, thats we need

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