Thanks for take royal flush feedback

Hello survivors this post it’s just to say thank you scopely for that optional survey.

I’m sure good times are comimg

Doubtful look at Wayland p2p Event.


Well, should have tagged @TayTron, if you want to pass thanks on. Maybe @Shawn.Scopely too.

That’s the full list of Scopely employees still reading the forums.

I did like that event too, mostly. There’s a solid review here on the forums too, to which I summed up

Since they might not cater to individual feedback on some forum posts, they might take it better from that survey. Filled it in as constructively as I could - hope most players did the same

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everyone just needs to say they hated it. They bring back the least liked events like treasure hunt and the amazing ones like pathways seem non existent despite overwhelming positive feedback. If you fill a survey for scopely you are wasting your time. They don’t give af

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