Thanks for stopping heart arrow drops before raid tourney

I love it when i was waiting to grind out some raaidong for arrows to realize they stopped dropping


I mean, I don’t want to sound like a Scopley sympathiser, but it literally said when they were dropping in the inbox message. Clearly says “Event End: 2/22 08:00 UTC”.

If you didn’t read, remember or check back, it’s kinda on you…


What will it take to get everyone to understand that the last 24 hours on the museum clock is just for claiming it?

Besides, it’s only for a 3% chance. This event stunk. Typical cash grab with zero reasons to bother outside the 3 free pulls.


Three free pulls for just hitting milestones. Either there seems to be less Benedict’s in rewards or maybe i’ve ascended a lot recently but I’m pleased for two (probably three once I make last pull) trash 5 stars with a small chance of something good.

But certainly not worth any $


What’s even more pathetic, is that they had an offer for 5 bucks yesterday, that gave you another 2 pulls.

Today a 5 buck offer is up, giving only half the amoub of items. :unamused:

If that is upsetting, what about the walker head tokens? They’re getting cheaper and cheaper by the day. Feel sorry for the suckers who bought them at the start of the “event”

No they have definitely scaled back the amount of Lilith’s and Ulysses we can earn per event. Either they are gone completely now like in SR or you have to hit the top milestones for them or even worse make it that either or crate that always seems to grand you the one you don’t need.

Once our existing supplies are gone I have a feeling its going to take a couple of months to max out a toons ar and active without having to resort to spending which is exactly what they want.

The game has always been a cash grab but I feel they used to hide it better. Now there is no form of pretense anymore. The message is loud and clear.


it is a dick move to put the event on in between faction raids to try and get people to spend. i needed 20 arrows fro another pull. with these odds though no point in spending anything to get rubbish

Do players not use regular gas? Or played onslaught? You really don’t have enough arrows to claim three? I have so many extra arrows.


Same. Got enough from Onslaught and I barely raided outside of that - barely even used free energy.

But the Tires from last week persisted well past the end of the event :man_shrugging: They just make it up as they go along, as @IronandWine has pointed out numerous times. Why would I believe the in game message?

There is nothing I can say that the first two posters didn’t t say already…

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The tyres continued on because, I believe, they realised two things.

  1. The community would spend additional money obtaining keys and batteries in order to obtain tyres.
  2. They fĂĽcked up offers to the point where they probably realised they lost out on a bunch of money.

Either way, they extended it past the published date with tyres. And no one complaining about arrow drops ceasing is doing so in the context of the drops not continuing past the end date. They clearly ignored the end date and are looking for someone else to blame.

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The tires themselves quit droppin tho as scheduled. That sold additional in offers. I also have so many arrows unused and i never use cans outside of events.
And they drastically cut back on trainers given. For about a month they gave awesome amounts of basils and benidicts. Now they no longer have 5* tokens in level ups like b4 so nearly no pulls for fodder besides the 1 faction levelup and they are back to givint a few burts. They were giving like 10x trainers. I know i was more motivated to hit milestones wheb 10 basils were up for grabs or a few bennys.

The tire drops stopped in raids at the correct time they announced it. They just sold them in deals.

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