Thanks for roadmap calender


Very nice feature! Thanks so much @kalishane!


I second that.


Ooo my post got deleted. Wonder why.

Anyway. Thanks for the farmable gear maps with RNG so we can use more cans instead of the guareenteed ones back in the day.


Because it’s off topic. Stop spamming Rockdale. lol

Keep feedback in the thread about that roadmap please.

There are many other threads going about that – just trying to keep things tidy.


Will do! Have a lovely day! Thanks for the calendar.


Thanks Rockdale! <3 Not trying to be a jerk just – yea, this forum can be all over the place sometime.

It helps if it’s all in one place when I gather the feedback to send reports. :wink:


Yes @kalishane thank you for the calendar and letting us know what we can expect.


Weapons map didn’t appear?
Otherwise this is awesome, kudos.


So does this mean they aren’t doing the xp map or the gear hunt maps anymore? Or is this calendar just highlighting the “special” maps?


Special maps right now!!
I will do my best to add the “usual suspects” in there as we go!


Thank you!


Since your gathering feedback about roadmaps, is there anyway you guys can move the gear hunt to Monday or Tuesday? It’s a bit taxing to farm everything on Thursday’s? Thanks.


I will definitely let them know! Is there a poll regarding this?
Strength in numbers helps!

Poll - As requested by KaliShane regarding the Roadmap

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