Thanks for responding

Just wanna say I appreciate the fact you guys start an event an hr after the first one and don’t send out reward till after that 2nd event has started meanwhile I got my rewards in edgefield in 3min and I’m stuck on a dead faction in my main. And yet I messaged support about this but what does it matter. @kalishane

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Even better thanks for giving out rewards in my region 5mins after war started.

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Doh! Better luck next time.

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Keep on surviving will be my response if I get one.

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Meme sauce 500

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Cause 1250 tickets is farming tickets. You’re onto one there Sherlock.

And too clarify it’s a weapons fac. And not too mention I couldn’t start a fa by myself :slight_smile:

I see… looks like a guy/girl like you would farm tickets for dead factions. xD

Well considering you can’t start a fa unless your a lead once again you’re onto something there.

Its only 1pm. Thanks

You sound like a spoiled child. Get over it dude this isn’t burger king you can’t have it your way.

I agree with this, rewards cut it too close. I’ve got a guy I’m trying to get into my faction because his essentially broke up with no warning and he logged onto find himself only one in it when faction level up started and still couldn’t leave because blitz.


And you take a 0/10 for being a forum troll.

You’re saying a faction broke up and everyone was able to leave the faction before he logged on? Sounds like he doesn’t log in enough.

Or maybe it happened in the span of a few hours and he was at work? Our region is very volatile when it comes to merging and then leaving. Some people do have jobs where not tied to their phones

Yes you’re right, it’s scopely’s fault he had to work and wasn’t able to move factions. My bad.

Because events are too close together and rewards are coming in after 2nd event starts.

You went to the crafting faction for the faction level up? Sounds interesting.

Did it say it was their fault? Don’t believe I did, just said rewards cut it close in situations like that. If you dont like my opinion, then you can gladly move along now.

No i went there before the lvl up and fell asleep thanks for assuming :slight_smile: