Thanks for reducing the coins/promotion Scopely (sarcasm)


I mean really…it’s not like 1400/1200/1000 etc was that much… 8 days of season anyway, and the odds you give us …really?!

I know some people pull stuffs with a single pulls (good for them), but most of us need like 50.000 or more coins to pull the character we actually want


Remember, didn’t have to give you anything… be happy with whatever you get. They don’t own you anything.


What about the 1$ offer that a few portion off players got? Yes they still own us for the mistake since I and many more is not happy with recent changes and rewards.


just think how players can react when you take away from them…if they give the players something then they need give the same rewards or higher. That’s how it works…
(it’s called a standard)
it’s a bad business move to give something worse. Giving rewards this way is a bad practice.


At least it’s compensation, even if it is smaller than previously.


You are complaining that Scopely gave us free coins for doing things we already did before leagues came out? :woman_facepalming:


Yes, we did get the prizes as advertised, however, i think this post is mainly about the way scopely are doing things. Throw a meaty bone and then change it as soon as they can for a bare one. Imagine @JB.Scopely
all the hype and positive comments if you started the leages with lets say 200 coins for the top 50 to increase it to 400 the following week and to 600(what it is now) the next week.
You’d be seen as rewarding the players for their efforts and listening to them rather than the bad guys (again).


Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t seeding two weeks, and four events? This qualifier is only one week and two events.The coin amounts seem to be fine to me. Half the coins for half the work.


i think it was a week but to be honest i cant remember exactly


We are in the 2nd week of seeding now. They are calling it “qualifier”. Last week put us in new groups of others that scored same division. Now we seeding for what ladder level within that division this week. So for example, I hit diamond. This week will decide if I compete in diamond I - V for regular season.


Just coined 1200 rickies , all is well I say , it’s for free .
No complaints here and in a week almost 700 again


Sometimes I wish the “free” had a new definition on this forum. I feel like people don’t play any other mobile games, only this one. :confused:


It’s free coins. Quit complaining and enjoy them.


I mean if we work hard to place high they owe us decent prizes lol


The same like before i personally know not a lot players who use raid cans without an activ raid event or just burn there territory energy for some points without a real target.
On high level the activity reached a new standard and guess what its not f2p.


I only raided during tournies and hit territories when I had energy, and did just fine. Didn’t spend a dime to place where I did. Free 1400 coins. Thanks Scopely.


Seeding was 10 days


I think the coin reward was reasonable. They shouldn’t go around giving everyone 10k coins. That’d only cause further harm to the game.


You should be glad they ever gave you money at all.
What’s wrong with you, people?
Even if Scopely release a free 6* OP toon, you would be still bitter at them, I just bet.


What is wrong with you people?? Dude check yourself lol
It’s a game your meant to get free stuff your meant to get rewards for doing the set goals “ITS A GAME” and that’s what annoys me when people like yourself stick up for big business ohh you players expect to much of poor wee scopley please stop they cant afford to do what other games do. But your entitled to your opinion.