Thanks for making the solo SR rewards and milestones so terrible Scopely

Won’t bother AND won’t miss out on anything. Thanks!


Just use regular energy. Milestones aren’t mandatory, so it isn’t like you’re forced to do so.

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Of course not. I always finish it on natural so I am genuinely grateful not to feel obliged to lose any sleep or check my watch over it this time since there’s no point. :slight_smile:

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Which is fine as I’m sure most will run on natural energy but that does not excuse the fact that these rewards and new bracket structures on this and all events this week are terrible.

We used to get a Benedict, Lilith, and Ulysses for completing SR. Then it was a Benny and a box with a Lil or Uly. Now its just 2-4 star trainers.

They starve us of gear and then bombard us with nonstop offers. So I guess it’s now time to add required trainers on top of the missing gear as well.


would have liked more trainers and the trainers to be in bags to use when needed rather than taking up roster space.

What do they want us to do with these five star tokens? Since they never get us ascendables.

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The less roster space we have the more enticing the extra 100 spots from the survivors club looks, no? :wink:

I also find it funny that the week they start giving out extra trainers with the survivor club they happen to pull the usual Benedict and Uly or Lil from the SR.

Coincidence? I think not.

They are just something to help flesh out the rewards without actually giving a reward. Like food bags or how they put a couple of grenades and other easily crafted junk into a store “deal”.

I kind of like it call me sadistic or w/e.They give every1 good characters over the holidays then whelp u want the ar and skill levels pay dude he he.:grinning:

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