Thanks for devaluing my roster once again Scopely

Putting premier toons in this Halloween wheel is a real slap in the face to those who spent for them (Olivia and Yellow Alpha sting for me personally)


Why are you assuming you can get them? And didn’t you quit?


You quit though I thought


Btw the toons in the wheel are:
Governor (Yellow)
Dale (Red)
Alpha (Yellow)
Tobin (Blue)
Jessie Anderson (Red)
Olivia (Green)
Denise (Blue)

It’s happened to me over and over though
With Diego
With Marlon
With Red Beta


And more I can’t remember

3% chance to pull too

Ohhh i really want that Jessie, she will be great behind my Pete i just got, 200% defense boost, yes please!

For real? I’m surprised they will give valuable promos like Jessie, Olivia and Governor. Ah, my bad, the odds will be shit so only top lucky buckets will get them.


A lot of those haven’t been released that long. Good that they’re on the wheel but I understand ppl that spent for them being a bit pissed.

It’s yeet time

Thw thing about that is, we only get 6 pulls from what I’ve seen, odds are pretty shit, and u could get stuck only getting some trainers

What do you want them to put in the wheels?

Let’s give all your promo toons a snowflake symbol so they won’t get put event wheels


Vincent, green beta, red erika, red Rick and jessie

Didn’t you quit though? :joy:


First off, you quit. Why do you care.
Second, this is a game, there’s no ‘value’.
Third, pretty sure the F2P or near F2P community (majority of players) have been advocating for a free way to get these premier characters.
Fourth, you quit.


I’d like any one of these outside of yellow Alpha whom I have.

Are they not giving away blue keys in war boxes? S class items for winning events? I believe people have dropped more money on those items and now people are getting them for free…who cares about the 6 stars. Didn’t you quit?

Hate to break this to you but they already devalued most ur roster with 6* and again with sclass…so not seeing how this is where ur angry :blush:


Governor is useless