Thanks for bringing back world energy!


Thank you for listening to our criticsms. Thanks for the return of world cans in third place. Thanks for increasing war can circulation (in getting at least 1 a war, this might be luck though), thanks for the Maggie - this is a nice change, thanks for increased food, and 3x speed. This has almost been a complete 180


I have a lot of warm fuzzy feelings too lately. It’s weird lol


Yeah I get the feeling that something bad is about to happen soon. Like their gonna make an update where your genitals are shocked every time you open the app.


Don’t give them ideas man


I guess next war they will again vanish…


Crw 3rd= World cans
Regions 3rd= Raid cans
Been like this for awhile…


I would also extend my appreciation on every thing OP mentioned except for the return of world cans.
That was a screw up from Scopely side and we were not even given a clarification on why it happened, inspite of the dozens of post begging for some answers.
Wish my boss would think like OP, so that every time I mess up something, I just have to go back and fix it and I will get praises and hikes in return :star_struck:


6v6 wars dont have world.

8v8 always did. was never nerfed