Thanks, another AOW :)

Type here…


aow sucks


And what if your region is full of whales? AOW is awful, boring, repetitive and pointless.


Just like CRW but with less CE users

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Yay AOW is code for “We’re the number 2 faction in a dead region”.


Not really xD

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No thanks I’ll gladly take 2 gps/canteens in crw milestones over shitty milestones/rewards in aow.


For the past couple weeks, all I seem to see is people asking for more AoW and Blitz. Post after post, it seemed.

Granted, making the change without an announcement is shady as hell, but players asked for this. We all gnash our teeth and complain that Scopely caters to the spenders, but here they are making a move for the non spender, and …. uproar.

I am not a Scopes apologist, but this just proves 2 things.

  1. Scopely does listen to the fan base, but they don’t use that information wisely. At all. in fact, its more like they get the info, plaster it on a wall and throw darts at it…

  2. you cant please all of the people all of the time. Scopes is in a lose/lose position because no matter what it does, somebody is not going to like it. Serves 'em right, I say.


Ugh. We prepare for CRW in Colbert. The only redeeming thing about AOW is that our whale, AP, will lower from their big war defenses to more reasonable FTP defenses. You know why? Because they support their region and don’t want to smother it like most whales. Colbert FTW


you are welcome to transfer to another region. any more questions?


Come to Jenkins. We are trying to rebuild the region after the Great Whale Infestation/Migration of 2018. Only two left, and they lower defenses- unless they are playing each other…

Lots of competition in the mid to lower range.

Welcome garbage rewards !

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nice aow

If you don’t have gear for your t3 6 stars then GPSs and Canteens are pointless.

I don’t see what the big deal is. The game play is the same either way. Join a war party, search, fight. You win some you lose some. Prizes might not be as good but I’m happy getting anything for free in this game

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It can’t be the same as you’re limited to only facing a handful of factions with limited teams. Top facs don’t have to put forth much effort to win with no competition.

From my experience, searching takes at least 2x-3x longer in AoW than CRW. Therefore if a 200k milestone is implemented, it will take longer to hit.

Maybe I’m cynical, but I doubt they changed it to aow due to some forum posts. I’m guessing crw code needs some tweaking


They did it last time and even addressed that it was because of the poll that someone made

Smh aow really does suck, basically a free weekend tho so whatever but next time at least stick to ur schedule and don’t change it on the day of that’s just bs


So basically the whiners win over the people who were happy so not pissing and moaning.